Sony ericssion C902i ? a beautiful mobile phone with a cool design

With the invention of Sony Ericssion C902i, Sony Ericsson has continued with the attractive and elegant designs thereby catching the eye of young customers. Sony ericssion C902i ensures its customers the best picture quality by offering a 5MP camera with multitude of other functions like Navigational facility, storyteller, picture messaging, speakerphone, inbuilt accelerometer and swift web connections.

Features of Sony Ericssion C902i

An integrated cyber shot camera of 5mega pixel camera is equipped in the handset with Auto focus, Image stabilizer and photo fix which do a lot for enhancing the picture quality. The BestPic facility offers the perfect timing for snapping out a picture by providing various chances to click the picture precisely. The image stabilizer offers the great anti blurred technology; you will get the precise picture inspite of some small movements while clicking the pictures.The StoryTeller application lets you to be innovative and creative and you can make your own presentations on the handsets. You can use some paints to enhance the picture quality. The photo editing pictures provides an opportunity for the customers to edit the picture being clicked out.

The built in accelerometer allows the automatic rotation of the handset for viewing the pictures in landscape or portrait mode, you have to just rotate the handset on to the side of it.The application of X Pict Story allows the customers to organize their own presentations.
The facility of video calling has been proved very efficient in business scenario; the users can make a call to other party and can see him/her also along with conversation.

Sony Ericsson also facilitates its users to make the handset hands free and it offers a speaker for sharing our dialogue with others.The wireless technology offers the customers to stay connected to the whole world with high speed, you can send messages and e Mails to anyone at anyplace in the world.

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