Do-It-Yourself Indexing

Indexing a book is a science in itself. I have a friend who is a professional indexer, but if you have written a book and need an index created, you can do it yourself. And adding an index gives your book or ebook a professional edge, a bonus that the reader will appreciate.

I indexed my nonfiction ebook, From Old to Gold: How to Start and Run an Antiques Business. Here’s how I created a “quick and dirty” index for my book:

1. I started by looking at the indexes of other similar how to books. I checked out which words they list in their index to get an idea of which words are relevant for my book.

2. I then went through my book, making a list of words that would be relevant to readers in their search for specific topics. The list included words like antique malls; appraiser; art; collectors; dates, of antiques; styles, of antiques; trends. Decide how detailed you want your index to be.

3. Next, after my book was ready to go, that is, all final layout was finished so no page numbers would change, I searched my book (in Microsoft Word, click on Edit, Find, then type in each word you want to add to your index, one at a time). I then
wrote down each page number where each word appeared in my book.

4. I did this process for each word then typed in the index as the last section of my book. I listed the word then the page numbers where the word appeared. I did not get too detailed,
but I listed enough general words that someone can easily find a topic by using my index.

This is the simplified version of how to create an index. There is software you can use or professional indexers, but this process worked for me and it can work for you too!

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Make the Most Of Your Investment With Forex Review System Trading

Are you sick of tedious routine work in the office? Are you interested in earning ample of money? Well, your answer towards the second question will undoubtedly be yes, but in case you respond positively towards the first question too, then forex trading is something which is meant just for you. Now, you must be wondering that forex trading is a risky game, so how you can make the most out of it? Well, in this concern it is advisable to go for forex review system trading which will make you familiar through every aspect of this business. But before considering this system, it is essential for you to know what exactly forex trading is.


Basically, it is a market of currency exchange where you purchase and sell the currencies according to their present situations. However, it seems to be an easy going deal, but it involves a lot of risk too. Even a single mistake of yours could make you lose all your capital invested. So, entering into this market without prior preparation and information means you are surely going towards the loss. In order to acquire this information, you can take the assistance of the Internet. There are several websites available online that possess vast amount of information about Forex trading. In addition, you can communicate with the most successful traders and the biggest losers of forex trading market through online forums. It will help you to come across the secrets of their success along with their mistakes.

Well, that was all about learning from the past. Now, let?s consider the present requirements of forex trading. In order to be a successful trader, you must be up to date with all the current growing and falling rates of the currencies. You can then take better judgements instantly that will provide you huge profit. Now, you must be wondering how to do that?

Well, with the advancement in technology, endless numbers of software are available in the market that will indicate to you when to sell or buy currency. Here, it is also crucial to choose the appropriate software. However, the best one will cost you a little bit more than the others, but you can earn ample of money out of it while trading.

Therefore, following forex review system trading, you can easily earn immense amount of money and that too without high risk.

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Medical dictations a technique to save time and energy

Audio transcription?is one such technical revelation that is adopted by medical transcription companies to convert the dictation of the doctor into textual documents. This is carried out by medical transcription companies that collaborate with hospitals locally and globally to provide patient records in an electronic format to doctors for future use. The advancement of this allied healthcare sector has managed to generate multitude job opportunities for unemployed but educated individuals especially in developing nations. For the proper use of this form of transcription the transcriptionist must be provided with a digitized form of the doctor?s notes. Natural speech analysis and voice synthesis is necessary to convert the narration into documented textual content.

The digitization of the patient?s details is only possible if the doctor stores his notes in an electronically enhanced device that can the capacity to maintain the clarity and precision of the recorded speech. Such a device is the?digital voice recorder?which analogous signals (doctor?s notes) are converted into a digitalized format having a certain pattern of waves. The frequencies of the waves must be measured appropriately, this process is called sampling rate. This device is can be used to stock ample amounts of patient history and details. The resistance to errors has made the accuracy rate of this device impeccable and satisfactory as per the doctor?s requirements.

To preserve paper and minimise wastage of space by stocking numerous files and handwritten documents,?medical dictations?to a Dictaphone or digital recorder can help record patient history faster. These dictations can be done in presence of an alternate staff member scribbling away the content narrated by the doctor or even in absence to a digitized device for storage. These dictations are later sent to transcription companies to create the documented records and keep them stacked up in the database for future reference.

The eruption of transcription was initially just to unburden the hospital from tedious and strenuous work but lately they have emerged as an individual and popular industry independently also.?Audio transcription?has helped to make storage of records simplified and synchronized. This has managed to create easy access into the patient detail. Also numerous software app have been devised to simplify the task of transcription on the whole. Dictaphones and digital voice recorders are used extensively by medical experts to record the patient information and then transfer them to transcription companies to make the conversion.?Medical dictations?can be done by the doctors even on the move by just talking into the digitized recorder provided in the mobile phone that has transcription software installed within its memory database. There are a plethora of such mobile apps that provide this feature. Prioritizing and arrangement of voice recording can be done successfully using this software. Transcription companies use this form of dictation to perform conversion of narrative speech into documented data.

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The Missing Ingredient in Vital, Vibrant Living – An

One of the top 10 ways of relieving anxiety? Exercise.

Maintain good health? Exercise.

Relieve depression? Build self-esteem? Improve self-image and confidence? Reduce tension? Improve mental sharpness and alertness? Increase immunity to certain diseases and health risks? Lose weight? Improve the quality of sleep?

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

With a list of that many benefits, you might ask:

What stops so many of us women from exercising?

”No time” is the number one reason most women offer when asked why they don’t exercise. And it’s true; women’s lives are busier than ever before. However, when something is important, when you are committed, when you really want something, you can find the time for it.

Look beneath the easy and ready excuse and you may find more complex reasons why you don’t start or can’t seem to stay with a regular exercise routine.

Impatience: you want to get in great shape Right Now! Never mind that it took 10 or 20 years to get in the shape you’re in.

Unrealistic Expectations: Looking for the ”perfect body” is a guaranteed set up for failure.

Intimidation: The idea of failure or looking foolish or being a beginner may intimidate you into never starting an exercise program.

Bad experiences or painful memories: Experiences such as humiliation or old feelings of inadequacy, or embarrassment like ”tried before and did not stick to it” can cause resistance to the idea of exercise.

Physical exercise is essential to good physical and emotional health and a sense of wellbeing. Consider these Make It Happen tips to help you overcome the challenge of ”not enough time”:

Start slowly.
Get a buddy.
Find an activity you like.
Go for progress not perfection.
Realize that it is a journey. Don’t give up. If you miss a day, begin again the next day.
Be patient. All good things take time.
Congratulate yourself on what you have done and keep going.
Ask for help and support when you need it.

Being active improves body, mind, and spirit. It is key to increasing the quality of your life and how you look and feel.

Take one step today towards living an active lifestyle.

However, if you are feeling stuck and would like to know more on how to overcome overwhelm, low energy, stress and weight battles, then I have just the solution for you.

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Josee Smith is known as the NO Excuse Health Coach specializing in helping professional working women who are sick and tired of struggling with overwhelm and stress to restore their energy and feel healthier and happier!

She has designed step by step programs to help professional working women get started, keep focused, and stay motivated to reach their health goals faster than they would on their own.

Josee takes a holistic approach, connecting mind, body and spirit, to help women turn stress into energy and vitality and live vibrant healthy lives.

Comparing innovation projects

Comparison analysis of innovation projects is a very complex task where dozens of numeric and non-numeric technical, social and economic parameters need to be taken into account. There cannot be just one all-covering parameter to describe the whole variety of project’s specifics. So, how to estimate a number of projects as fully and effectively as possible and not to waste heaps of time and resources on that?

In 2009 Tomsk Innovation Support Center (TISC, Russia) has developed unique express methods to analyze innovation projects. The methods were originally designed for funding organizations that finance perspective innovation projects in high-tech, bio-, nanotechnologies and electronic-related industries. Application scope, however, were further enhanced to cover innovation companies that at a certain point of their growth faced a choice of the most effective way of their technological progress. It is clear that modern economic conditions and fierce competition now make such companies think twice before initiation of large innovation projects and try to minimize all possible organizational and financial risks.

The procedure supposes 3 main parts:

1. Projects questionnaire: brief analysis of projects (general description, project managers, technology overview, market details, project financials, intellectual property protection, partnerships and collaborations, project social benefits and environmental implications).

2. Business analysis based on the following documents: project?s business plan, potential buyers? reviews, marketing statistics, technological documents for the product, patents and novelty proofs.

3. Making a decision on one or several projects. Choice of innovation projects is based on 2 basic criteria groups: project attractiveness and risk estimation.

Attractiveness of a project is evaluated by market trends and product analysis, project profitability, novelty and competitiveness of technological solutions, number of new jobs and generated social effect of project realization.

Risks include estimation of project?s scientific, technological, market and financial potentials, evaluation of company’s activity, analysis of project team collaboration and experience.

Recently the methods were tested on a MindDecider program base which has led to increased effectiveness of analysis and selection of variants. TISC specialists found that the use of MindDecider has significantly reduced the time and enhanced the possibilities to find effective innovation projects out of multitudes of applicants. Moreover, software’s functionality allowed to involve time analysis of the projects as well as to adapt the methods to a specific region or country by a simple change of criteria and their possible estimates.

Express estimation methods are available for view via MindDecider program shell. You may download MindDecider project file here: (240 kb)

MindDecider?s page:

Marketing Director of New Illusion Ltd, a decision-making software developer

Freezing Food in Individual Servings

After your food has been prepared, or after a meal where you have left over food, divide the food into individual servings so that it freezes and thaws quickly and evenly. Freshly cooked foods should be allowed to cool to room temperature before preparing them for freezing. Putting still-hot foods into the freezer can cause partially frozen foods to thaw or raise them to room temperature which could cause spoiling or alter the taste or texture of the food.

The portions you divide the food into should be the same as what you want to use when taking them out of the freezer. For example, if you are freezing something like spaghetti or pasta for school or work lunches, choose a container that will fit into the lunch bag or lunch box so that you can easily remove the container from the freezer and go.

Make sure the food container can seal out the air and protect the food from freezer burn or collecting ice on it in order to preserve the “just-cooked” tastes and textures. There are many types of food containers or wrapping available in your grocery store that are designed for freezer use.

This simple tip can easily save you time and money for just a few minutes of preparation. Enjoy!

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The author owns her own website and is a member of a number of organizations for women Netpreneurs and business owners and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada USA with her two dogs. You can contact Michele at or visit her website at:

A Solution to System Errors and Performance Issues: Clean Up Your Hard Drive


Computers performing at a crawl are most often due to a full hard drive. Programs accumulate with every use, taking up huge disk space. Get more free space and the speed of PC performance is likely to improve. Gettid rid of clutter could

The first thing to do when clearing the drive is to look for unnecessary files. These often come pre-installed or programs that come along with installed applications. Most of these are not vital to the system but do take up a huge memory space. They are like goo that clogs the system.

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a built-in feature in Windows that helps keep tabs and delete unimportant data such as temporary internet files. Each time a user browses the Internet, information is temporarily stored in the PC. Without regular cleaning, these can accumulate and use a huge chunk of storage, especially with frequent internet browsing.

* Open ”My Computer” by clicking the computer icon on the desktop.

* Right click the hard drive to clean. For example, clean the main drive ”Drive C:”

* Select the option ”Properties”.

* The Properties window will appear. Click the option ”Disk Cleanup”.

* A window with a list of files will appear. Click the ones to be deleted. Unimportant ones to delete include log files, temporary files and those in the Recycle Bin. After checking these, click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Disk cleanup can also be used to clean the system files. Follow the instructions above. When the window with a list appears, look for the ”Clean up System Files” button, usually at the left side, towards the bottom of the window.

Another way is to click the ”More Options” button in the Properties window. Select the ”Clean up” button found in ”System Restore and Shadow Copies”. This will delete the data from system restore. All files beyond the current restore point will be deleted. Exercise caution when choosing this option. Make sure that the current point is working properly because after this process, older restore points will no longer be used.

Uninstalling Applications

Some applications just take up too much space. Uninstall these programs, especially if there are not that vital to the PC operation. To check, open the ”Programs and Features” window in the ”Control Panel”. A list of programs in the PC will appear. Check the ”Size” column to see how much space each application uses. If this column is not available, select the ”Options” button located at the upper right corner of the list. Click ”Details” to view the file size.

Again, exercise caution with this option. The file size information is not always accurate. Some applications do not show the actual disk space they use.

Temporary Files

The Disk Cleanup feature in Windows does not clean everything. It will not touch the temporary files from other programs, such as those in browser caches of Chrome or Firefox. Browser cache use the disk space to make future access to websites is faster and easier. However, this would the least of the worries if the rest of PC function is too slow. These files can easily use gigabytes worth of storage space. When freed, these gigabytes can make a huge difference in how fast the PC works.

Duplicate Files

Ever noticed a few files in several different folders. These duplicate files are unnecessary and clutter the system. They use up important space on the computer’s memory. Scan the hard drive for these and delete them.

System Restore Files

Sometimes, ”System Restore” has several restore points that eat up much space on the hard drive. Use this option with caution because less restore points can compromise the system when a restore is in order in the future. Make sure the saved restore point is the best in the lot.

Radical Alternatives

There are a few radical, nuclear options that can be used to free up more space. However, these steps can also disable a few vital features in Windows operation. Do these only when in desperate need for more disk space.


Hibernation feature can be disabled to free more space. RAM contents are saved each time the computer hibernates. The more often this happens, the more data is saved. This way, when the system is booted, the user is back right to the point of last use. By disabling the Hibernate feature, the computer no longer saves any data of from the last use, freeing a lot of memory.

System Restore

The ”System Restore” feature can be disabled. Just like Hibernate, System Restore also saves data from the restore points. Disabling this will free some memory. Again, this is radical and will seriously compromise the system should a restore is needed in the future.

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Health Insurance Situations That Might Need Optional Coverage

It is difficult to believe that there are health insurance options available that most people are not aware of. This is most commonly caused by the fact that throughout most people’s lives their health insurance is managed by their employer, by the government, or sometimes both simultaneously. In order to really pick and choose the health care options that are best for you it is important to get a handle on what your options are.

A traveler will learn about one such option such as traveling insurance usually from a travel agency. This insurance will extend coverage into areas that are limited by your present policy. While traveling across the continent or across the world, especially in a foreign land you can have extended peace of mind with this insurance coverage option. Don’t be left to the mercy of unexpected health issues when you are enjoying a weekend getaway or a several days away from home leisure dream trip. Not having trip insurance can really ground an otherwise refreshing and exciting vacation for anyone, especially yourself. Always check with your insurance carrier to see how and if they can help before you began to shop around for this type of insurance option. It will cost extra, but having the proper extras if they are needed will be priceless.

Student health insurance policies are those policies that can be picked up by those who are traveling for school. Whether a student is going to another state or half way around the world it is important to make sure that you consider this option for your student because this will help them obtain the reasonable coverage that they need in the area where they will receive the greatest benefits, when they are away at school.

Catastrophic insurance is one that can really help you out if you can’t afford to pick up a standard health insurance policy. This type of insurance can help you maintain health insurance while covering you for any big health issues that may come along and while this type of health insurance doesn’t cover your routine health care it can provide you with some peace of mind when it comes to a period when you can’t afford another health insurance policy.

Overall there are a variety of health insurance options that are available to those who are in need of insurance and if you want more information about the policies that are available to you then you can consult with your insurance agent or find an online site that can provide you with further information regarding different health insurance policies that are available. The only way to find the health insurance coverage that is right for you is by looking into all the options that exist and then making a decision that fits not only your health care needs but your budget as well.

health insurance
is something that needs to be looked into
before being purchased. Plenty of people find that blue cross health
works the best for their needs.

The Emotions and Side Effects of Gynecomastia

Are your breasts, sir, larger than you believe they ought to be? You may not realize this, but you are not alone. It’s estimated between “40% to 60%” of males have breasts that resemble a woman’s. If you are in this category, you know how this affects your emotions.

Let’s go back to a time when you were very young. Can you remember the pain you felt disrobing in front of your classmates in gym class? Or, how about summer swimming – did you always wear a T-shirt even on the hottest days? When something isn’t as it should be, kids can be very cruel and those cruelties can leave emotional scars. The sad thing is that this emotional scarring can last a lifetime.

The way you think about yourself may have prevented you from attempting to become a part of certain athletics or even resist the attention from the opposite sex. I’m here to tell you these emotions and feelings are pretty much normal even for those who don’t suffer with this condition.

Let’s take a look at some of the negative emotions and side effects produced by Gynecomastia:

– Anti-social behavior.
– Shame and humiliation distress.
– Self-consciousness.
– Low self-esteem.
– Shyness with the opposite sex.
– Embarrassment.
– Masculinity is affected.
– Desire to wear baggy clothes.

There are more, but I’m sure you’ve already seen yours in the list.

First of all, you must know what causes it. This condition is simply an excess growth of breast tissue due to a hormone imbalance. Certain things can cause that excess growth such as puberty, various drugs or steroids. It affects men of all ages but is mostly seen in the more youthful.

Speed is the key note here. Speed in seeking definite physical help for Gynecomastia. Getting that help from a qualified physician is the easy part. The part that’s more difficult is getting help for the psychological aspect. I say more difficult because even though you seek professional and physical help for it, the negative emotions may last a lifetime if not changed.

Believe me, seeking professional help with this situation can only have the most positive impact upon your life and mind. But, it’s very important to continue talking about your emotions with a trained specialist for some time after your surgery to correct gynecomastia. That way, you can be assured you will have the best chance to progress in your battle against emotional scarring.

Everyone desires to be accepted by others; that’s only natural. But finding the solution to accepting yourself is just as vital. It’s crucial you make the choice to accept and love yourself as you are. That way, you can become a victor in the game of life every single day.

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Chiropractor solves your back pain problems

Patients who are suffering from back pain take over the treatment of medication all the time to overcome the back pain. A chiropractor offers certain treatments of care for most of the patients who are suffering from continual back and neck pain problem. These different therapies do not include any antibiotics and drugs medicine. Most of the patients take some kind of pain killer to overcome the pain of back and neck. And those patients go to the physicians to fix their back pain Lexington ky?problems. Most of the doctors and physicians give the drugs and antibiotics to overcome the pain. The pain killers drugs temporary fix the pain problem and after some time the back pain or neck pain occurs again.?When a chiropractor meets the patient who has back or neck problem, he will ask you some questions to get information and find out the source of your problem. When he discuss all the aspects with you he is going to do your full examine through X-rays and MRI, and then the Chiropractor Lexington ky find out the root cause problem. Many chiropractors use topical rubs and ointments for minor back pain problems. This is very economical and affordable. You can purchase Icy hot or Myoflex these two things only give you minimum pain relief. Chiropractor Lexington ky?use roll on rub thing, which is apply straight on the muscles of joints.?

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