Benefits Of Led Lights

LED lights are one of the most efficient and best
sources of energy saving and have low prices, therefore they are
important for saving in the form of energy and money. These lights save
money due to their low cost and low bills of electricity. For instance a
report shows that LED lights use 80% less energy than Halogen bulb
which use 70-80% more energy than LED. Even though CFL (compact
fluorescent light bulbs) are energy saving but LED use even 20-30% less
energy than these bulbs. When this kind of lighting came in market for
use, it became the mainstream. However, the quality of these lights
becomes the problem in early phase.

Due to this issue the lights
bulbs of LED get a bad name in early days. Although in market there are
many bad lights of this kind but due to stricter laws and advancement
in technology now their production is higher than before and now their
standard is much higher. These lights have longer life than any other
light bulb. If you compare it with all other from of light bulbs like
halogen bulbs and conventional bulbs, these are 10 times longer than
these normal light bulbs. These lights are also more durable than other
conventional and incandescent light bulbs. These lights bear harsher
environment than normal lights, you need not to change them after every 5
minutes in harsher environment in which normal light bulbs not work.
These lights are also friendly for your economy as well as for your
environment. These lights have not any harmful material like normal
lights which have mercury. Lights having mercury are costly and this
material harms the surrounding environment.

These lights are also
effective to reduce global warming as these lights produce just 20%
heat than normal light bulbs, which produce 80% heat and cause global
warming. Therefore, these lights are the best option for saving energy
and the global environment from global warming. When in warm environment
you will use normal or conventional bulbs your expenditures of air
conditioners will increase while LED lights will reduce the warmth of
room, which will also lessen your expenditures of air conditioners.
Therefore the lights are very efficient and consume very less energy. If
you see their saving in term of electricity or energy these lights use
80-90%, less energy than normal bulbs, which reduce consumption of
energy, which also reduce your electricity bills as well as saving of
energy is useful for the whole country. These lights are cost effective
not in the form of their price but in the form of their functions, which
in future save you from much unnecessary expenditure. Although their
prices are high than normal light bulbs but still they save your money
in the form of lower electricity bills which make them cost effective,
and now in market, their prices are decreasing. Therefore, from all the
above points it is clear that LED lights are better than normal bulb
lights or conventional bulbs.

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All the Requisite Information about Post Cycle Therapy

The need of Post Cycle Therapy

The level of the cortisol in the body goes up your body release plenty of water. The level of Estrogens also spikes. There stands every chance that muscular weight gained all through the cycle will almost or fully disappear, if no adjustment to diet, compounds, cardio and training is made at all. Increased acne, depression and gynecomastia may surface out. So, to avoid all such complicacy, post cycle therapy is very much required.

Post cycle therapy will be composed of one Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and 1-2 Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Their function and level differ depending upon your requirement and wants.? SERMS comprises of? Tamoxifen and Clomiphene in several doses and timing. AIs contains Letro, Arimidex,Proviron, and Aromasin in different doses and timing.

Diet as a part of Post cycle therapy:
It is necessary to boost calories by 500 to 1000 every day, when you come off a cycle. This may cause a little increase in the fat of your body. But it is necessary to preserve the new muscle just gained. It has been seen that people ignore making some adjustment to their diet and this causes loss of a lot of muscle, unreasonably.

Cardiovascular work
It is very necessary for the bodybuilders keep doing cardiovascular work regularly so that there is no unwanted jump in body fat.

It’s recommended to have blood work done just after a cycle. There is a panel of testosterone levels, liver value, hemoglobin, and some other listings that are required to be complied with to preserve good health while ”fudging” with the natural levels of the body.

When all is said and done, post cycle therapy is necessary for bodybuilders taking steroids, simple and plain. A lot of bodybuilders mistakenly short-circuit their success by discontinuing cold turkey, and thus wash their hand of all the muscle gains made during the cycle. In some cases, some bodybuilders finish up weaker and smaller. Some also get inflicted with gynecomastia that can be a lifetime problem. So, considering all things, it is very important to go for post cycle therapy.

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TCS Freshers Recruitment 2011

TCS recruits both on campus as well as off campus. Being a fresher, it is definitely essential for you to find out the recruitment drive for TCS. This in turn would help you to find out the latest openings of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to be in touch with the sources of the organization. You can also subscribe for some mail which in turn would inform you the exact time when TCS is conducting its recruitment exams.

How to Find the Latest Openings?

There are newspapers as well as websites that would publish the news of the recruitment of different organizations. Since TCS is a reputed organization, you can expect that the news of recruitment of TCS would definitely be published in the website or in the newspaper. If you subscribe to any of these, it would not be hard for you to find out the latest openings.

Recruitment Stages:

Getting information about the latest opening would not just help. You would also have to know about the different stages of recruitment. Different companies conduct their test in different manner. If you want to get a placement in TCS, you would have to know about the recruitment stages of this organization. On the basis of this you would be able to make your preparation.

Online Test:

Most of the time TCS conducts tests online. This is done in order to fulfill their huge recruitment drive at different places at the same time. In such a case it is essential to remain in touch with the models of the question paper. Otherwise it would be difficult for you to sit for the exam. At the same time, you should also be thoroughly well aware of the syllabus so that you can start with your preparation.

Download The Papers:

It would be best for you to download the sample papers. You can do this from the website which gives you information about the recruitment drive of the TCS. This is not a difficult process and downloading the papers would also give you a clear cut idea regarding the way that you should take.

If you download the sample question papers from our website, you would also be informed about the recruitment drive of TCS and the latest openings of the company.

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Myths About Abortion

These myths have been born out of hearsay or through old wives’ tales. There is absolutely no scientific reason to support these myths. Moreover these myths seem to be harming the women who get an abortion, and also the society at large. Abortion has a stigma attached to it as well. Here are some of the most popular myths that cause confusion among the people:

1. Abortions cause pain for the foetus.

Many people quote moral reasons for not getting an abortion. Their reason for the same is that abortion will hurt the foetus (actually called the embryo in the initial stages – but referred to as foetus in this article for sake of uniformity and clarity). But the truth is that science has shown that in the first trimester and the second trimester, there is no concept of ‘hurt’ yet. The foetus has not yet formed into the beginnings of a human being that it will begin to feel hurt. It is simply material that will in time form into a human. Therefore there is no ‘pain’ caused to the foetus. To put it in layman’s language, in the first two trimesters, the foetus is not yet capable of feeling as it is not a human being.

2. Abortion is a very dangerous procedure.

This is another myth spread by popular fiction like movies and novels. It is not true that abortion is a dangerous procedure. In fact if truth be told giving birth is more dangerous than getting a foetus aborted. If carried out by a qualified medical professional in the proper manner, abortion is not life threatening or extremely dangerous at all. It is one of the safest surgical procedures. Risk of major complications, too, is only around two percent.

3. If a woman doesn’t want a child, why didn’t she use protection or contraceptives in the first place?

Protection or contraceptives are never one hundred percent guaranteed. It is clearly mentioned on packets of condoms, for example, that hundred percent surety cannot be guaranteed. Also sometimes contraceptives may fail too. In such a case it is better to get abortion done than to bring an unwanted child into the world.

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Human Foods That are Toxic To Cats

We all use to be guilty of it. Admit it. We have given our cat table scraps from our plate. You love your cat. Showing that you love him/her is usually by giving into what they want.

When your cat is begging for a piece of turkey or any other goodie on your plate you do what all animal lovers do you give in and let your cat have what they want.

The only problem with doing that is you may be giving your cat food that could be harmful to cats.

First, it is best to train your cat not to be at the table when you or anyone else is eating. It is just good manners. You do not want to have company and have your cat begging at the table.

The main reason for not feeding your cat table scraps is much more important, and here is why.

For example: you are having a turkey dinner. Is their gravy on your turkey and do you feed a piece of that turkey to your cat.

You could be harming your cat.

Many types of gravy have onion-flavored broth and onions like garlic and other root vegetables are among the list of foods that cats should never eat.

Potatoes that are raw as well as green tomatoes also can be harmful to your cat. So when peeling potatoes if any fall on the floor make sure your cat does not get a hold of it.

Tomatoes that are green are harmful especially the stems and leaves. They contain toxins that are dangerous for cats. Unlike ripe tomatoes, those have no danger to your cat.


I think by now we know that chocolate is just plain bad for animals. It is deadly for dogs and cats. Keep it away from all pets.


We have all seen movies and read books where people put out a saucer of milk for cats. That is wrong and should not be done.

I am not saying that milk is toxic or dangerous to cats. It just does not have a purpose for cats that have a healthy diet.

It can have side effects for them that are extremely uncomfortable.

In addition, many cats are lactose-intolerant and milk can make them have diarrhea and an upset stomach.

There are products on the market designed for cats that are better for them then milk. One such product is called Catsip. It is available in many supermarkets and has better nutritional value for your cat. Therefore, if you have a cat that just loves milk try this instead.

Last two foods that may cause harm to your cat are grapes and raisins.

They seem to have an adverse effect on many cats, so the ASPCA has recommended that you keep these two foods away from your cat.

Therefore, when your cat comes begging give him/her a treat that was made for cats. There is any number of healthy treats available now that you can safely give that will make your cat happy and you will not have to worry about toxic side effects.

Remember our pets think we know what we are doing and depend on us to keep them safe. That is the least we can do since we are so fortunate to have these wonderful animals in our life.

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Do You Need A Home Alarm System?

Are you trying to decide whether or not you need to install a home alarm system? If so, then there are a number of factors that should go into your decision. Such a product may not be for everyone, but the vast majority of people could greatly benefit from having one installed. Before deciding against it, you should consider the following things: What is the crime report like in your city? How valuable are your belongings? Does your schedule put your house or your family at risk?

What is the Crime Situation in Your City?

One big factor in the decision about whether or not to install a home alarm system is the city in which you live. You should do some research on the crime statistics in your city. If there is a preponderance of house invasions or property crimes in the areas surrounding your residence, then this product is a definite must for you. It is also important to know how successful local law enforcement is at patrolling various parts of the city and how effective they are at recovering stolen property.

Do You Own Lots of Valuables?

Another important factor to consider is precisely how valuable your belongings are. If you own lots of valuable art work, or if you collect vintage cars or jewelry, then a home alarm system is something that you likely need. The more valuable your possessions are; the more costly a break in will be to you. You should also assess the sentimental value that your belongings possess for you as this is as important as the material value, if not more.

Are You Out of the House Often?

Finally, when considering whether or not to install a home alarm system, you should evaluate your work schedule as well as your social schedule. If you work evenings while your spouse and children are in the house without you, then one of these products will likely give you much peace of mind by allowing you to know that they are safe without you. It is also important to consider how often your house is unoccupied. If you are out a lot, and no one is in your residence, then this might leave you susceptible to a break in.

There are several reasons to install a home alarm system in your residence. If you live in a city with a high crime rate or have lots of valuables and are out of the house often, then one of these products will be beneficial to you.

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Is Dry Dog Food Good For Your Labrador Retriever?

The Labrador Retriever is an active and multi-talented breed of dog. It is expected to carry out various roles to be of service to people. In countries like United States and Australia, the Labrador Retriever is considered as the most popular breed of assistance dog and also makes excellent pets and working dogs. With all the happiness and countless help this breed offers, it is just right to give them what they deserve. For sure they will never ask for anything other than your attention, care, praise and love. Show them how much you love them by taking good care of them, providing toys and activities to entertain them, giving them a comfortable place to sleep, water to drink and food to keep them healthy and active.

The health of your Labrador Retriever depends on you. Choosing the activities they must do, how often they should take a bath and what foods to eat are some of your several responsibilities to your dog. Many issues concerning dog foods are coming out from all corners of veterinary world. Some claims dry dog food to be the best dog food because it has various health benefits for your dog. Others go for semi moist food because it taste better.

There is really no specific answer when somebody ask what is the best dog food. The answer will always be ”it depends”. Each dog has is own specific dietary needs depending on its breed, age, size, activities and health condition. Puppies and older dogs may need different amount of calories. Same with normal and overweight dogs. A dog with health problem, even as simple as fever, has different dietary requirement compared to healthy dog.

For some reasons, most owners consider dry dog food as the best. One obvious reason for sure is the convenience this type of food brings. Feeding your dog is a no sweat process in this type of food. All you have to do is grab one from grocery stalls, tear open the package and pour the contents into your dog’s food bowl. Aside from that, dry dog food is known to contain the most nutrients your dog needs. However, this food contains 10% water making it hard to chew especially to older dogs. You can wet the food to make it easy for your dog. Dry dog food is also said to benefit the dog’s teeth and mouth condition by preventing tartar buildup.

Not all dry dog foods are proven safe for Fido. Some brands contain unknown ingredients and are mainly fillers such as soybean meal, corn meal and corn gluten meal. Food colorings are also present in dog foods. These food colorings can be made from chemicals and can cause health issues.

Make it a habit to carefully read the product label. Check the ingredients making sure that meat is included in the list. Meat is important because it is the source? of natural protein for dogs. Nutrition greatly affects your dog’s health. Lack of it can cause high cholesterol, obesity and countless other ailments that could eventually shorten your dog’s life.

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Clean Technology In Defense Industry Boosted by Rising Adoption of Waste Management and Recycling has added a new research report to its vast database. The report explores why the adoption of clean technology is increasing in the defense industry. The research defines clean technology and further identifies its major elements. The report, titled ‘Clean Technology In Defense Industry – Emerging Trends And Outlook,’ highlights different clean technology initiatives taken by organizations operating in the defense industry.

Clean technology represents many energy efficient manufacturing processes, products, and services. It comprises recycling, information technology, electric motors, green transportation, lighting, green chemistry, and many other energy efficient appliances. Renewable energy such as biomass, solar power, biofuels, wind power, and hydropower are also some other appliances of clean technology.

Organizations operating in the defense industry are currently focusing on cost saving measures, compliance with legislation, and operational efficiency with an aim to stay ahead of the technological advancements. For this, the defense organizations are increasingly implementing various clean technology measures including waste management, green buildings, and recycling. This is done, primarily to meet many regularity standards such as minimizing maintenance and operational costs and for environment protection. Most of the defense organizations are expecting a high impact of implementing clean technologies in industry applications.

View Press Release Report at:

The report highlights the changing trends in clean technology in defense industry during the period from 2016 to 2021. Defense industries in North America are expected to adopt the latest recycling and waste management technologies. Organizations operating in Western Europe are also adopting new clean technology applications. As per the findings of the report, around 40% of the executives predict a budget for adopting clean technology. A total budget of around US$500,000 is expected to be allotted during the period between 2016 and 2021. Currently, the United States and Germany are two of the leading countries offering the highest prospects for investments in waste management and renewable energy. The budget for clean technology is expected to increase by approximately 7.5% from 2016 to 2021.

The research also highlights the benefits of mergers and acquisitions happening between the new entrants and leading companies. Especially in Western Europe and North America, leading players are focusing on acquiring the new entrants to help them learn new technologies of clean technology. With this, the leading players will get a chance to maintain their dominance throughout the forecast period. The defense organizations are focusing more on implementing paperless and digital products such as video conferencing as a part of their clean technology motto.

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Going further, defense organizations are expected to benefit from the rising initiatives taken by governments of many nations to implement the clean air act and the clean power plan. Leading defense organizations will also have to face certain challenges while implementing the clean technology. With stringent government procedures and standards, defense organizations may face a few difficulties in incorporating clan technologies in existing systems.?


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Ayurvedic Supplements To Reduce Liver Toxicity Without Any Side Effects

Liver is an organ which plays important role in keeping body healthy and vital. Any damage and disorder in this organ can lead to severe life threatening conditions. This organ filters blood coming from digestive tract and passes purified blood to rest of the body, makes protein, metabolizes cholesterol, sugar and iron and helps to perform other important functions of body. Any disorder in functions of liver can increase deposition of fat and iron resulting in fatty liver. Those who drink alcohol a lot are at higher risk of liver damage.This organ also secretes bile that helps intestines in absorption of vital nutrients and digestion of food. Liver also stores vitamins that are required for body development. Deficiency of nutrients can also raise disorders in functions of liver which shows symptoms like abdominal pain and inflammation, chronic fatigue, dark urine color, pale colored stool, itchiness in skin, swelling in legs and ankles, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, yellowish skin and eye color, etc.

If not treated on time, liver problems can lead to life threatening conditions. One can use Livoxil capsules which are the most effective ayurvedic supplements to reduce liver toxicity. These supplements treat various disorders in liver and promote overall health. Ingredients of these capsules neutralize toxins that come with blood and protect this organ against damage. This organ performs functions normally due to no extra deposition of fat and iron. One is also able to get rid from fatty liver problems. Improvement in liver health promotes bile secretion which improves digestion and metabolism to provide adequate glucose and protein to body to run other body functions. Improvement in functions of this organ can be seen by color of skin, eye and stool which turn from yellow to their normal color. Detoxification and cleansing of liver is done without any disorder in other parts of body.

These ayurvedic supplements to reduce liver toxicity contain Himsara, Kasmard, Pitapada, Guduchi, Bhuamla, Harad, Mandurbhasma, Baranjasif, Kansi, Punarnava, Jhabua, Chitrak, Bukhar-e-mariyam, Amla, Makoy, Kutki, Bang bhasma, Sarpankha, Vaividing and Arjun. All these hers are blended in such a way which not only detoxify liver but also improve health of this organ. These supplements reverse the ill effects of illnesses, diseases and heavy medications on liver health. Powerful ingredients of these capsules promote self-healing property of liver to repair damage as soon as possible. Anti-inflammatory property of these capsules diffuses swelling and gives one relief from pain caused by enlarged liver. These supplements effectively prevent infection in this organ caused by virus, germs or bacteria attack.

These ayurvedic supplements to reduce liver toxicity promote liver functions in spite of all health problems and prohibit problems like hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, failure, ascites, gallstones, hemochromatosis, etc. One also gets relief from abnormal weight loss, fatigue, shortness of breath and weakness which happen due to lack of protein for muscle development. Use these ayurvedic supplements for 3 to 4 months in a consistent manner to detoxify liver. Also, keep control over consumption of alcohol to prevent risk of liver damage.

Read about Herbal Supplements To Improve Liver Health. Also know Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse Pills To Detox Liver. Read about Herbal Treatment For Fatty Liver.

Mitul Ranawat is a passionate writer who has written numerous articles on topics concerning ayurvedic remedies for men health and women health. He writes informative articles on health-related issues and the use of natural health supplements.

An unusual way to hold up and nourish your culture on foreign soil

Experts opine that human beings originated from the African continent and migrated to all corners of the world. They settled down, adapted according to their surroundings and developed civilizations many millenniums ago. Likewise, in today’s globalized world, people from all countries leave their birthplace and migrates to some other country for a wide variety of reasons. People with African origin are not an exception to this phenomenon. It has been observed that Africans often migrate to other continents, especially to North America, Europe and Australia, for better exposure and opportunities.

Intermingling of people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity helps in creating a vibrant culture. We, as a society, learn to accept different perspectives and increase our tolerance. That is why all multinational companies exert conscious effort to maintain a healthy mix of people from different backgrounds. However, to maintain their distinction, culture and uniqueness in a society where they are minority is an uphill task for Africans. In fact, they must not sacrifice their virtues and try to become someone which they are not, as this will defeat the very purpose of maintaining cultural diversity in a society.

But in order to be able to do that, Africans need a support system that will act as a lifeline for their culture. In discrete terms, they need a steady supply chain from where they can source their traditional dresses, buy food according to their food habit and procure other elements of their tradition, so as to lead life in their preferred way. However, it is not feasible to import indigenous items from the African mainland at a retail rate because of the costs involved.

Another possible option is to set up stores at different locations, especially in those localities where there is a high concentration of African population. But there is a major loophole in that approach; setting up of a brick and mortar retail store in a foreign location is infrastructure intensive and also costly, thus making it difficult for entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints to set up such stores. Besides, it is a monumental task to expand the business and add new category of items, when analysed in the context of a conventional store.

So, is it possible to address all these difficulties and provide a comprehensive solution? Thanks to the emergence and growing popularity of ecommerce websites, it is quite possible! An African online shop is the perfect answer to most of the concerns raised in the discussion. To begin with, the infrastructure overhead is minimized in an online store, along with the problem of adding more items and categories for sale in the website. Secondly, it is extremely easy to launch internet based ventures and shut them down if things do not go as planned. Thirdly, Africans can access the websites from anywhere in the world and shop items, the only thing they would require is an internet connection. Lastly, an African online shop will spare Africans from driving all the way to stores from their homes and workplaces, thus saving precious time and energy, thus freeing up more t6ime to catch up with friends and family.

Thomas likes to address problems related to technology, economics and cultural aspects of a heterogeneous society. In this article, he has chosen to highlight the role and importance of an African online shop, which can be used to solve a wide variety of problems related to the African community on a foreign soil.