Ipe Decking For Both Commerical & Home Repair & Remodel Projects

There?s a lot of interest in ipe decking. This is evidenced when you see all of the new commercial projects that are popping up throughout the country that are using this premium exotic hardwood. In addition many green building projects are also using ipe wood in many interesting and unique ways.

Recently, New York City just unveiled an extremely innovative and unique park concept called the New York City Highline Park. This park was created by designers who thought that an abandoned railway line could be reinvented as a park that the city?s residents can use and enjoy. One of the park?s key features is its benches and an amphitheater style sitting area. Both are made of ipe wood. The reason why this wood was chosen was specifically because it can be cultivated and harvested through sustainable forestry practices. When you visit New York City, take the time to visit this park to see how ipe is being used in a new and unique way.

In addition, the city of Toronto in Canada also recently unveiled a new bridge that, quite frankly, is making waves in the commercial design world. Why? Because, parts of this bridge were actually designed to emulate a wave! That?s right, as part of Toronto?s downtown renovation project they chose to make a walkway that really captures the eye.

You can also find ipe decking on boardwalks all along the east coast of the United States. From the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Miami Beach boardwalk, ipe decking is renowned for being able to tolerate extreme weather and daily use. These cities also choose ipe wood because of its ability to naturally withstand mold, mildew, insects, rot and decay. This is why the Florida city of Boynton Beach chose ipe decking to actually REPLACE their current composite decking.

For commercial green building projects, ipe decking is also the preferred choice. Just take a look at the brand new Eco Park in Houston, Texas. They chose ipe for many different applications including benches and siding.

From New York City to Treasure Island in Las Vegas and beyond, ipe decking is the number one choice for cities and municipalities that want to build eco-friendly structures that are both affordable and enduring.

Ipe decking has earned this reputation due to the fact that is a durable wood product that has virtually no flaws or downside. Simply put, Mother Nature built ipe wood to withstand the elements for decades. How many? Well how about ten. That?s right; ipe decking can be left alone for a century before it really needs any maintenance. Composite decking, cedar decking, pressure treated decking and other wood decking can?t say the same. In fact, ipe decking is eight times stronger than redwood and three times stronger than teak.

Ultimately, if you?re looking to build a commercial product and are weighing the pros and cons of ipe decking, do yourself a favor and Google ?composite decking problems? and ?composite decking recalls.? You?ll see that many brands of composite decking produce an inferior product that costs just as much, if not more, than ipe. Why settle? Why use taxpayer money on a material with a horrible track record?

Hopefully, the choice has become clear. Ipe hardwood is, by far, the best decking material that you can buy. The fact that many other cities and companies choose ipe over many other choices is the best reason to consider using this wood for your next commercial project.

By Anonymous