Energy efficient to improve the competitiveness of the production processes

For example, in the assembly line, it is assumed that the previous period for the A model 600 lux illumination, while the next session on the B models only 300 lux illumination can. Then, under the control of the program, the reality of the lighting environment can be done to change over time. Through the network to monitor the entire production line of lighting configuration, smart drive energy-saving, Philips completed a highly flexible lighting system has won praise from customers.

In the internal tapping the potential of the automotive industry to embark on the road of scientific and technological upgrading today, Philips believes that the widespread use of high light efficiency, long life, easy maintenance, high protective lighting systems, not only able to provide customers with a stable, objective energy-saving benefits more effective in reducing day-to-day operations, product substitution brought about the use of cost.

In addition, the development trend of energy-efficient lighting is not merely to provide customers with adequate illumination, high-definition optical environment, you must also improve the technological content of the direction of the staff can be more convenient operation. For example, to see the detail in the process of production, work, and to identify the details of the color of different cars. In the automobile assembly line, these ”soft environment” to improve the same to improve work efficiency. Philips design and production of industrial lighting products, always strictly implement the international and national standards, so every product can be stable and reliable working state to enhance the competitiveness for customers.

In 2011, Philips Beiqi Saab provides 6,000 sets with CDM the Elite 210w high ceiling lighting system for a new generation of ceramic metal halide light source Versebay MPK518. The program to achieve a higher overall level of energy conservation and efficiency gains, with the original traditional 400w quartz metal halide program to achieve 40% energy saving effect. In practice, the Philips Versebay MPK518 lighting system, not only has excellent color rendering, and improve the work experience of front-line operational staff; also because high-quality, waterproof, dust and other measures, the service life of 20,000 hours for the owners to bring the visible economic benefits.
Chandra Vaidyanathan said: ”We are constantly seeking lighting technology innovations and breakthroughs for the automobile production and its quality matches the lighting solutions for the future, we will be dynamically smart, professional lighting, vice president of Philips Lighting in Greater China the direction of the pursuit of energy saving through more innovative lighting solutions to respond to changes in the industry, promote industrial upgrading of the Chinese automotive industry. ”
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