Taste the flavors of Rajasthan with Rajasthani food

Just like Indian tradition, the food is influenced here
deeply by the civilization that has contributed to
overall growth and recognition of nation in general. The creamy and rich
textures of the curry and the dry spices infused?vegetable preparations
ideally are the basic nature of these cuisines. For example,?Rajasthani traditional
food?has been the staple diet in Northern part of India because of its
rich density. These cuisines are popular for their authentic flavors and their close
knitted link with butter and cream. The ingredients are scrumptious due to
their indulgent flavors and creamy exteriors; they are a complete delight to
your palate. This form of?cuisine preparation?needs hours of
preparation because of the?marinades?and the other combinations. Sweet
preparations mainly comprise of condensed milk, puffed rice, and loads of sugar
to increase the sweetness. Indian food preparation results in the creation of
something divine and you can enjoy its rich textures and a great aroma.

Rajasthani food?utilizes vegetative components combined
with spices to add to the flavors. The Indian chefs?derive their idea from
the cultural heritage and they give a contemporary twist to an Indian delicacy
without compromising the authenticity. The food is such that people cannot get
enough of it, and keep returning to treat their taste buds. The chefs use simple
techniques in the preparation of these delicacies, which involve a mix of the intricacy
of textures to create an end result that is tasteful and rich.

Food is a mixture of chemical components which react in
proportions so as to produce refined and elaborate flavors. ?Lucidity in
texture is what produces the everlasting effects on the consumer?s taste buds.
Veganism now is an enduring trend which has gained global fame over the last
decades. People have realized the advantages of opting for vegetarian food. The
rich flavors in this cuisine and the variety are the factors, which work in its
favor. There is something for everyone, and people can lose themselves in the
delightful taste of some of the delicacies. Rajasthani
?integrates authentic flavors with rich textures that add exclusivity
to the taste. These cuisines are a worldwide favorite because of its diversity
in mixtures and ingredients. This type of food uses the flavors to its full
capacity so as to reveal the herbs and spices. This food is a depiction of
India as well as its culture. It symbolizes the affluence of different flavors
and the idea of fusing ingredients in order to make a dish which has a unique

Indian traditional
?restaurants prioritize their cuisines according to the customer?s
needs. Since majority of the people are vegetarian, they make dishes to achieve
the needs and subsequently enhance their customer?s strength. The best way to
increase the customer base is to make dishes which are influenced by requirements
of the customers but represented uniquely. Creativity and Innovation should be utilized
to their full capacity to amalgamate the best ingredients and to create
something unique and novel.?

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Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type – Elite and Efficient Way of Communication

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is a striking proof that Nokia is a brand that has no match in making easy to use and trustworthy handsets. In it, you will have the dual facility of typing and touch sensibility while entering your text. Its color choices of white silver, dark metal, petrol blue and lilac pink will attract those who want to make a fashion statement with their mobile phones.

Awe-inspiring Appearance

The built quality of Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is simply great because it comes with the measurement of 106.2 x 48.4 x 9.6 mm, 45.3 cc and weighs only 77.4 grams. This truly establishes its user-friendly approach towards the mobile phone seekers. Apart from this, get ready to enjoy bright and clear visuals on its 2.4 inches long touchscreen. The display is TFT resistive and has the strength of a good resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels together with shining 256K colors.

Explore World Wide Web

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is very advanced in the department of internet services. HSDPA and HSUPA connect users to 3G network with a speed of 10.2 Mbps and2 Mbps respectively. In addition to this, web browsing is also facilitated by GPRS and EDGE technologies while HTML and xHTML websites can be explored through WAP browser. For more connectivity, there are WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB options available in this majestic handset.

Mind-blowing Multimedia and Other Advantages

High quality still images and videos are the products of the remarkable 5- mega pixel camera of Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type. The camera functions at 2592 x 1944 pixels resolution for still images while it captures moving images at the rate of 15 frames per second. Next to it, its package of entertainment is quite robust consisting of, stereo FM radio, inbuilt music/video player and many interesting games. Besides this, to become a favorite of young generation, it gives them the exciting option of Facebook and Twitter applications. Moving ahead, to adequately support all these important features, Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type bears an internal storage space of 50 MB and up to 32 GB expandable memory.

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A New Chapter In Life For The Elderly

Health care for the elderly is a special concern in our country, where people are living longer and fuller lives. It is no secret that our health needs change and increase as we age. This is largely due to the normal wear and tear on our bodies through the years. There is no more important time in our lives for adequate health care than as we get older. If you are considering purchasing health care or reevaluating your existing health care plan, there are some important factors specifically concerning health care for the elderly that you should pay special attention to.

Prescription Coverage. One of the most commonly used components of health care plans for the elderly is prescription coverage. Prescription medications are frequently used to treat a wide variety of ailments including high blood pressure, arthritis and heart disease. Some of these prescriptions can cost several hundred dollars per month, so a prescription coverage plan is critical.

Mobility Coverage. Temporary mobility assistance for recovery from accidents or surgery is a necessary component of health care for the elderly. As we age, more permanent mobility assistance may be required, such as wheelchairs, electronic wheelchairs or walkers. These can be very expensive, so finding health care plans that cover these items is important.

Hospice/End of Life Care. This is a topic no one wants to have to think about, but is necessary to consider nonetheless. A person at the end of their life should have as many choices as possible for health care, including the option to have care at home, such as hospice care. While many plans cover this, it is not something to look at later and find to be lacking, so make sure this is covered under your current or prospective plan.

The sad fact of being elderly is that for the most part they have limited or fixed incomes after they retire and Premium Afford ability can be a problem. It is not hidden fact that insurance premiums are on the rise and that finding and maintaining an affordable policy that is adequate for each individual is very important. Many of the health care plans can be a vital addition to Medicare coverage while keeping the premiums very affordable.

When considering your choices for health care, it is important to consider the above factors in your choice. It is also a good idea to take a personal inventory of your unique needs and finances. One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to health care for the elderly, so take the time to consider all of your options to find a plan that most closely matches your needs.

An affordable health
is necessary for the elderly and all of us. Find the
best possible Health
insurance policy
by shopping around on the net.

Why Do You Need a Wireless Home Security Camera?

Smartly, for the reason that those that are perplexed with respect to creating in the air his or her imagination, simply read this week? Although there are going to be several ways that as making your house protected and protective one another of unwanted a spotlight, i.e., of thieves plus second one unauthorized folks, environment rising a transistor abode security camera order might even as neatly be the overall perfect decision which you could ever make.?

Safety serves as the main worry as house owners these days plus who is guilty self for that. Considering the overall crime rates on the general upward thrust, any security live which you’re taking for the reason that your home would possibly just no longer feel smart enough. This can be where the general radio set abode security camera systems come back into play. These systems will be most wanted as assuring complete safety up of your place, return what may. The overall absolute best thing that you can perform serves as invest in.a radio set house security camera which works in the week motion sensors. The overall motion sensors help in detecting additional movement in additional house up of your house. By the time these motion sensors are going to be safely installed them all more than your home plus by the time these sensors are going to be related to the camera, you can be confident that you’ve successfully insured your house. Which?s because, this week the general event that these sensors pick out additional movement, they effectively send the overall signal to the general camera which are also set at the key points up of surveillance areas plus the overall camera simply dig up the jiffy by recording the entire event.?

Some other merit of the general hi-fi abode security cameras serves as that they don?t consume electricity such as the general way the stressed out security camera systems do. Which?s because these hi fi cameras don?t wish to have electricity since they operate with the overall facilitate from batteries. So, you?re also indirectly saving on the power costs. Plus the overall highest issue about these cameras serves as which they don?t consume too much voltage up of the general batteries. Security cameras continually be afflicted by the overall advantage to exert while proof during thefts plus second one criminal activities. The general footages which these cameras capture can be utilized to bring losing these criminals thus which they don?t commit such acts in future. That?s as a result of things might rise up when you might be in the week a holiday throughout the weekend and you come back to search out which there was a a break-in in your home. In this example, only such security cameras toil whilst evidence plus help you striking such criminals into jail.?

In case up of buying a receiver place of abode security camera, you would think that price can be a huge factor. Smartly, it serves as now not since the whole apparatus can cost you hardly around $fifty to $75. The present makes the receiver residence security camera probably the overall best deal which one could request allowing for respect to home surveillance systems. And the overall absolute best section serves as which the installation process infrequently removes about part an hour. Some other advantage may perhaps be that some from the receiver cameras will be thus tiny, that they will even fool the craftiest up of all of them the general thieves as far back as these cameras can nearly be hidden anywhere. Just some transistor place of abode security camera options also embody the night vision mode that makes it simply doable to record additional suspicious function throughout the overall night. Therefore, it is going without saying that wireless quarters security cameras revel in additional benefits than the general stressed out ones. These security systems will be much loved to guard your home, your assets and your loved ones of further danger whatsoever. Along with, stressed out cameras frequently offer somewhere else the thieves as presently as they see more wires anywhere. This is often one aspect where the radio set abode security cameras invariably capitalize upon.?

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How to Choose the Top Restaurant in Auckland

It is fairly certain that one of the finest things that a person can undoubtedly enjoy is fantastic food. Excellent food is something which just about everybody will be able to appreciate. It’s very sad that not everyone can manage food preparation. However with the availability of countless establishments that provide meals, this really is barely a problem with regards to taking pleasure in food. Though it may be certainly easy to go to an eating place, it really does not guarantee that you can actually have a great dining experience. In relation to picking out a restaurant, there are numerous factors that you should take into account. Here are several ways to choose the top restaurant in Auckland.?
One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a cafe or restaurant is the location. When some people do dine out, they’ll almost definitely opt for something that they may easily reach or where traveling is never thought to be a problem. Spending some bucks only to eat out is just not worthwhile for many people. Lots of people prefer to eat where there is a wonderful view included like when the restaurant is situated in a lake, riverside, on the top of a skyscraper, and many others. If you are going to take a person along with you when eating at restaurants, ensure that you unanimously agree with the location. A restaurant’s site will really make or break it.?
Naturally, since you are planning to visit a restaurant, food is yet one more factor that you will want to think about. Choosing the top restaurant in Auckland signifies that you will need to read through plenty of choices. But at the end of the day, this depends on your individual taste as well as the type of food that you feel like savouring in any given scenario. The quality and flavour of meals are certainly big elements in our satisfaction of our meals. Many individuals are ready to travel considerable distances merely to check out a diner since its taste is without a doubt unforgettable. If the chief cook of a restaurant has a great reputation, the place is usually worth checking out.?
You’ll find a large number of alternatives in relation to choosing the best restaurant Auckland has to give. One of the better hints that a diner is fantastic is the hoopla that envelopes it. If you pick up that your mates or fellow workers talking about a specific restaurant, then it is usually regarded as a plus point. Sure, tastes will vary individually for everybody, but superb food is a thing that can be valued widely by folks. A suggestion from a person dear to you might actually result in an amazing discovery.

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An Overview On The Inundation Management Systems Across The Globe

Natural disasters like flood is taking its cost on mankind. We are all a observe how harmful these kinds of phenomena are. The least that individuals can do to minimize the risks of these dangers could be to take part and familiarize themselves with flood control programs executed throughout their area.

The following are measures that nations across the world take in their preparation in opposition to damaging floods.

In Iceland, a public insurance provider, Iceland Catastrophic Insurance, has combined with the government in operating a mandatory insurance specifically designed for disasters. Germans are consequently guaranteed of optimum financial assistance in cases when flood control devices fall short.

Netherlands, on the other hand, is in the same condition as many countries. Insurance packages fail to incorporate flood protection. Flood can occur often, and even in a row. One place heavily ruined by a current thunderstorm may in any time, again be struck by an additional powerful typhoon. Those people who are yet to recoup, suffer the most during these circumstances. So in 1998, Calamities Compensation Act was developed. This act states that their state is liable for just about any losses caused by flood which is not included in a private insurance.

To put it simply, the government of Netherlands will provide for the impacted families? needs should private insurance agencies not.

As the case in Netherlands, flood is normally excluded in insurance coverage in United States of America. This is in particular the issue of residents in flood-prone areas or precisely what is called ?Special Flood Hazard Areas.? To protect for what private insurance firms cannot give, the us government developed a national flood insurance programme. This really is to be certain that assistance is offered to residential areas where insurance plan provided is dependent upon the flood control plans executed on the area.

Germans will then be looked at luckier as public compensations packages within this country cover major flooding events. There are also coverage that do not substantially cover up natural misfortunes but Germans, as probably any individual would do, choose to opt where they’re just guaranteed safe. They generally accept public insurance packages that cover aid on damages resulted by flood.

Lastly, in France, their state and insurance carriers operate jointly to be certain that many people are provided with due help should disasters ravage their area. Insurance providers charge individuals with compulsory premium, whilst the government, acts as the guarantor, ensuring that payments are sent once state of natural devastation is reported.

It’s your right to determine if government officials execute any flood control measure, and if you’re allowed benefits. Coordinate with the closest government agent to find out about flood danger programs imposed in your area

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Choose Qualified Suspension Bushing for Your Car

General suspension bushings have the same capabilities
as they work as the absorbers which reduce the noise and vibration for your car;
they do the adjustment of your car chassis system, and allow the steering system
work perfect. On the whole, the suspension bushings do a lot of tough work on your
car. If the bushing is not manufactured with qualified rubber materials, it
will be not good for your car. Therefore, our car needs excellent suspension
bushings with good raw material, e.g. poly suspension bushing which is made
with polyurethane.


Speed is the
basic function of the car, and it is your responsibility to find out it, but
how? This is a big matter. One of the key performances of the suspension bushing
is increasing the path grip of the tyre which conversely results in the best
status of speed and smoothness of the car. So, if you want to keep the speed, you
must guarantee that the best quality bushings are used. As known, the best one
is poly suspension bushings which are made by the newest technique and become
more and more elastic.


As a matter of fact, elasticity is one important
factor which lets the poly suspension bushing?become more excellent than
the common one. Polyurethane has excellent elasticity, plucking back it to the former
appearance effortlessly to bear shake and avoid the dirt from outside and wear
down. Then, after a period of tough work, it goes in its original appearance quickly
and it is an association of high tensile power and elasticity. The elasticity
of polyurethane lets control arm to act as calculated when its tensile strength
soaks up pressure from turning, braking, speeding up and disappointing pavements.


Because of
these characters,?qualified suspension bushings?should be applied in
your car. You should drive your car to the repair shop after driving over 10,000
miles and let the mechanic check the bushings of your car. If he recommends replacing
the bushing, then please don’t pace back and forth to buy the best one even if
it is a little bit expensive. In the final analysis, your car and time is much valuable.

Source from China bushing manufacturer
? EKKO, produce a wide range of OE-quality bushings, e.g. silent block bushing,
control arm bushing, lower arm bushing, engine bushing, and suspension bushing.

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Maternity Acupressure Guide

When you are absolutely longing to be introduced to your new baby it can be tempting to wish for methods to hurry along his arrival and using acupressure for labor is one of the safest and most effective ways to do this.

Acupressure is an ancient type of Chinese medicine and works on the belief that belief body contains energy ?chi? which moves around the body by way of of 12 different channels or ?meridians? which correspond with specific key organs of the body. The energy is then stimulated by rubbing certain specific pressure points, using the thumbs and fingertips, to aim that energy towards precise organs, allowing the body’s self curative powers to work at mending and energising specific areas.

Not only can a mother use acupressure for labor but it can also be used for maternity related conditions such as sickness and back ache and for reducing the pain from contractions. These are some common points to induce labor:

Hoku – This point can be found on the top of your hand in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Press on an angle under the bone that connects with the index finger. To stimulate contractions, massage the point. This point can be used for pain relief with regular pressure during contractions.

Spleen 6 – On the inside of the ankle, trace up four of mother’s finger widths above the ankle bone. Massage for about 1 minute.

Bladder 32 – This point is halfway between the dimple in the buttocks and the spine. You can locate it by tracing up one of the mother’s finger width’s above the top of the buttocks crease. You should feel a small depression where the point lies.

Pressure points are naturally sensitive and can feel to a mother, like touching a bruise. If the pressure point has been correctly found there should be a sensation almost like a numbness sometimes accompanied? by a tingling feeling around the region that is being rubbed. If this feeling becomes too much for the woman to bear, then simply move on to another pressure point.

One of the most successful moments to use these pressure points is if a mother is already in labour and needs to strengthen her contractions or if her waters have not yet broken and active labor has not yet commenced. It can also be used as a process of inducing an overdue baby, if the thought of a medical induction is troubling

When you can wait no longer for your?why not try acupressure as a means of self induction. It is a totally safe practice for you and your baby, with no associated risks. For a detailed?

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Easily get four kinds of common little trouble with the car

Car fuel consumption rose, engine suddenly some vague do not catch fire, the rain scrath wash the effect is not ideal and so on, although all are not a major problem, but let the owner a headache. How to solve these problems?Many car advocate form not value of the vehicle maintenance on weekdays, until the problem out and get to repair or 4 S shops for repair, car ownership costs at the same time also consumes the owner a lot of time and effort. In fact, for many small problems can be through the owners of the daily maintenance to avoid.1.A car, when activated, engine point do not catch fireReason: the engine start is by the current battery push spark plug completed, cause the engine suddenly some not fire may have the following two reasons, first, probably due to battery rust or battery by dripping, second is the rainy day engine spark plug dampness.Maintenance methods: every two months to check the battery of liquid in the battery is enough. Observe if liquid surface is located in article 2 hour line up and down between right and is considered. At the same time also should check the slots of liquid surface is poor. If liquid surface is insufficient, can be twisted battery the lid of the above, distilled water up into a liquid surface. Then also check the battery terminals, use of iron in the brush on the terminal and product. If wiring card hoop serious blemish, can wipe down the wall with sandpaper moved, grind dirt. If is damp spark plug, which will take out, with lighter roast, so as to make it as soon as possible the moisture to evaporate.2.A car exhaust noise emissions increase increase to exceed bidReason: appear this kind of reason, may be due to the waste gas engine by high temperature oxidation effect, lead to exhaust system leaks.Maintenance methods: regular inspection of exhaust system pipeline, outlet (especially the muffler, etc.) if it is waste gas corrosion, interface mat ever been blunt bad. If discover the exhaust system should be car DVD promptly to the leakage of 4 S inn be repaired or replaced leakage components. Every year check a can not only ensure the normal operation of exhaust system, more important is to reduce harmful substance in vehicle exhaust pollution to the environment.3.A car fuel consumption increase vagueReason: fuel consumption increase for many reasons. But the most common and easy to be overlooked is the owner of the tyre pressure tests. Tire pressure shortage will lead not only to increase driving resistance, causing fuel consumption rise, can also affect the service life of tires.Maintenance methods: in the drive, take note each tire is angry, and regularly check tyre pressure. Of course be sure not to forget the spare tire of check, so as not to need change a tire, they found the spare tire is flat. When the temperature is higher than usual tire pressure will be higher, so in cold or the shade tire pressure measurement is accurate. Often tires every 10000 km on to switch places, avoid wear degree there’s a huge difference between before and after. If need to replace worn tires, the best two or four backup camera change together, the trace the same tyres can cross change before and after. In addition, line pattern to save fuel tires.4.A car engine performance declined obviously with fuel consumption increaseReason: this probably is not an oil change for a long time, the oil filter, air cleaner and petrol filter caused the oil combustion is not full, engine carbon and increase of problems cause.Maintenance methods: oil, oil filter, driving each about 5000 km should be replaced once, and the air filter and every 10000 km on fuel filter to replace, otherwise, air and fuel oil and impurities can cause parts wear and clogging oil routes, which affects the normal operation of the engine.

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The Secret Life of Bullies: Why They Do It?and How to Stop Them

Look at men who beat or intimidate their wives and scream at their
kids. They?ve never learned to be effective spouses or parents.
Instead, they’re really bullies. And the other people in those families
live in fear?fear that they’re going to be yelled at, called names, or
hit. Nothing has to be worked out, because the bully always gets his
way. The chain of command has been established by force, and the whole
mindset becomes, ?If you’d only do what I say, there’d be peace around
here.? So the bully’s attitude is, ?Give me my way or face my

Aggression can either take the forms of violence or emotional abuse.
I’ve seen many families that operate this way. I?m not just talking
about the adults in the family, either?there are countless children who
throw tantrums for the same reason: they?re saying, ?Give me my way or
face my behavior.? And if you as a parent don’t start dealing with
those tantrums early, your child may develop larger behavior problems
as they grow older.

Ask yourself this question: How many passive bullies do you know?
They usually control others through verbal abuse and insults and by
making people feel small. They’re very negative, critical people. The
threat is always in the background that they’re going to break
something or call somebody names or hit someone if they are disagreed
with. Realize that the behavior doesn’t start when someone is in their
teens?it usually begins when a child is five or six.

Portrait of a Bully
Bullying itself can come from a variety of sources. One source, as I
mentioned, is bullying at home?maybe there are older siblings, extended
family members or parents who use aggression or intimidation to get
their way. I also think part of the development of bullying can stem
from some type of undiagnosed or diagnosed learning disability which
inhibits the child’s ability to learn both social and problem-solving

Make no mistake, kids use bullying primarily to replace the social
skills they?re supposed to develop in grade school, middle school and
high school. As children go through their developmental stages, they
should be finding ways of working problems out and getting along with
other people. This includes learning how to read social situations,
make friends, and understand their social environment.

Bullies use aggression, and some use violence and verbal abuse, to
supplant those skills. So in effect, they don’t have to learn problem
solving, because they just threaten the other kids. They don’t have to
learn how to work things out because they just push their classmates or
call them names. They don’t have to learn how to get along with other
people?they just control them. The way they?re solving problems is
through brute force and intimidation. So by the time that child reaches
ten, bullying is pretty ingrained?it has become their natural response
to any situation where they feel socially awkward, insecure,
frightened, bored or embarrassed.

Here is what an aggressive bully often looks like: He doesn’t know
how to get along with other kids, so he’s usually not trying to play
with them. When you look out on the playground at recess, he’s probably
alone. He’s not playing soccer or kickball with the other children;
he?s roaming around the perimeter of all the interactions that take
place at school on a daily basis. And whenever he’s confronted with a
problem or feels insecure, he takes that out on somebody else. He does
this by putting somebody else down verbally or physically. A child who
bullies might also throw or break things in order to feel better and
more powerful about himself. When the bully feels powerless and afraid,
he’s much more likely to be aggressive, because that makes him feel
powerful and in control. That?s a very seductive kind of thing for
kids; it?s very hard for them to let go of that power.

Adolescents and Gang Mentality
When we talk about adolescent bullying, we’re entering into another
phenomenon altogether. The reality is that many adolescents in high
school today are very abusive to each other. There are peer groups that
will attack other kids verbally and emotionally, similar to a gang
mentality. When these kids start calling other students rude names and
questioning their sexuality, it is all done to dominate and bully them.
If a teen or pre-teen doesn’t want to be a victim, they have to join a
group. The kids who don’t socialize very well?the shy or passive
types?often become the targets. And the threat of violence is always
behind it. This trend in high school is prevalent today, and I think
very destructive. In my opinion, parents and school administrators who
ignore the way kids abuse each other in high school are kidding
themselves. This behavior is hurtful and harmful, and there needs to be
a lot more accountability.

Make no bones about it, bullying is traumatizing for kids who are
the targets. In fact, I think children should be taught about bullying
throughout grade school. They need to learn what it means, how to
resolve it, and how to deal with a bully. If this is not taught, kids
who are targets will think there’s something wrong with them, and this
vicious cycle?because that is truly what this is?perpetuates itself.
Kids should also be learning how to handle their impulses and control
themselves when they want to hit, hurt or intimidate others. Unless
there’s a concerted effort to deal with bullying and bullies in school,
nothing will change. It’s a challenge, but I firmly believe it can be

1. Teach Your Children about Bullying from an Early Age
I think from a very early age, you have to teach your child what a
bully is. You can tell them the following (or even post these words in
your house somewhere):

A bully is somebody who forces other people to do things they don’t want to do.

A bully is somebody who hits other people.

A bully is someone who takes or breaks other people’s property.

A bully is someone who calls other people names.

Then you have to set a standard that says, ?We don’t do that in our
house.? Start that culture of accountability early. Teach them what the
word means, and say, ?You’re accountable for that kind of behavior in
our house.?

I think it?s also important that you talk about how to treat others.
Ask your child, ?How should you treat others?? And the answer is, ?You
treat others with respect ; if they don’t respect you back, walk away.
Treating someone with respect means not calling them names, threatening
them, or hitting them.? You can also say, ?You listen to others. You
accept others. If they don’t want to play with your toys or they don’t
want to share their things, you have to learn how to accept that.? This
is not easy for kids, but they will learn. I really think children need
to have the concept of bullying explained to them numerous times. That
way, when any kind of bullying is going on, they can identify it and
stop the behavior, both in themselves and others.

2. Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Home
I think the most important thing for every family is to have a Culture
of Accountability in your home. This means your child is accountable to
you: how he talks to you, how he talks to his siblings, how he treats
his family members. When he?s bullying his siblings, don?t get sucked
into his excuses; just because he had a bad day at school does not give
him the right to mistreat anyone in your family, for example. Let me say it again: Your child is accountable to you.

Don’t forget, bullies often have cognitive distortions?they see the
world in a certain way that justifies their bullying. So you?ll
frequently hear them blaming others and making excuses for their
behavior. Most of the time, they really believe that stuff: they
believe what they think, and that’s what you’ve got to challenge. You
can say directly, ?It sounds like you?re blaming Jesse for the fact
that you punched him. It is not Jesse?s fault that you hit him.?

Schools should also have a culture of accountability, and I think
that many try. That’s what detentions, suspensions and expulsions are
all about?if your child breaks the rules, he should be held
accountable, and it?s very important that you let him deal with the
natural consequences and not try to shield him.

3. The Skills Your Child Needs to Learn
Plain and simple, a child who bullies needs to learn how to solve
social problems and deal with their emotions without acting out
behaviorally. Have conversations with your child where you ask, ?What
happens when other kids don’t want to play your games? What do you do?
What do you do when other kids have things you want and they won’t give
them to you? How do you handle that? How do you handle it when you
think you’re right and they’re wrong and there’s nothing you can do
about it??

Your child has to learn how to resolve conflicts and manage his
emotions. He needs to learn the skills of compromise, how to sacrifice,
how to share and how to deal with injustice. He should also learn how
to check things out, and to ask himself, ?Is what I’m seeing really
happening? Does Jonathon really hate me, or is he just in a bad mood

Kids have got to learn how to manage their impulses. If their
impulse is to hit or to hurt or call someone names, they have to learn
to deal with that in an appropriate way. Many children and adolescents
have the impulse to hurt others?they have impulses to do all kinds of
things. But they need to learn to handle them, and kids who bully are
no exception.

4. What to Do If Your Child is Bullying Others in School
Kids who are bullying others should be held accountable at home?they
should absolutely be given consequences for their behavior. And the
consequences should go like this: your child should be deprived of
doing something he or she likes. So, no TV or computer games or cell
phone, for example. And they also should have to do a task: they should
write an essay or letter on what they’re going to do next time they’re
in the same situation or feel the same way?instead of bullying.
It?s critical that they start thinking of other ways they can solve
this problem. Understand that they may not have any ideas, and that?s
where you have to interact with them and coach them as a parent. In the
Total Transformation Program, there’s an interview process I outline
where parents learn to talk with their children to solve problems,
rather than explore emotions and listen to excuses. If your child is
hurting or bullying others, he needs to have conversations that solve
problems. He does not need or benefit from conversations that explore
emotions. Bullies tend to see themselves as victims, so the
conversation has to focus on them taking responsibility for their

I think your child’s teachers should handle the process of having
your child make amends for his behavior at school. But remember that
bullies don’t stop bullying when they get home?they often target
younger or weaker siblings. You have to be very clear if your child is
bullying?be very black and white; leave no gray areas. Don’t forget,
your child is bullying because solving problems? talking to people and
working things out?is very hard for him. Again, your child is taking
the easy way out. We all go through the growing pains of learning how
to negotiate in social situations?in fact, we may work on this skill
our whole lives. There should be no exceptions for anyone in your
family when it comes to these skills. For a child who is using bullying
as a shortcut instead of developing these skills, you have to work even
harder as a parent to coach them on what to do.

When Bullies Grow Up
Make no mistake, if a child bullies, that tendency can stay with them
their whole lives. Fortunately, some bullies do mature after they leave
school. You’ll see them get into their early twenties and go their own
way; they get married, they go to college, they start a career, and
they stop their bullying behavior.

But sadly, you will also see young child bullies who become teenage
bullies and then adult bullies. How does this behavior and lack of
social skills affect them? These are the people who abuse their wives
and kids emotionally and sometimes physically. These are the people who
call their spouses and kids names if they don’t do things the way they
want them to. Bullies may also become criminals. Look at it this way: a
bully is somebody who is willing to use aggression, verbal abuse,
property destruction or even violence to get his way. An anti-social
personality disorder (which is how criminals are classified) refers to
somebody who is willing to use aggression and violence to get his way.
The criminal population is literally full of bullies who, among other
things, never learned how to resolve conflicts and behave appropriately
in social situations.

If you think your child is bullying others, it?s very important to
start working with him now. This behavior is already hurting his
life?and will continue to do so if it?s left to fester. If you expect
your child to ?outgrow? bullying once he reaches adulthood, realize
that you?re also taking the risk that he may not?and that choice may
negatively affect him for the rest of his life.

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