Smart Buildings – 5 Reasons Smart Building Technology Isn't Reaching its True Potential

While the level of technology, innovation and adoption has increased in the commercial real estate market, that is not the case for corporate real estate. Despite the fact that corporations are one of the largest group of real estate owners and that real estate is a substantial part of a corporation’s operating budget, the adoption level of technology to better organize and manage corporate real estate, like smart buildings, is not commensurate. ?
So why has technology adoption not reached its true potential??
1. ? Corporate real estate professionals, for the most part, have spent their careers focusing on real estate and not technology. While they may be aware of consumer technology and trends, they do not have strong technology backgrounds, recognizing and understanding how technology could be used strategically to better automate the business functions of a real estate operation.
2. ? The IT teams in corporations are not typically focused on major tech initiatives that are business drivers of the corporation. ERP’s, financial systems, sales and marketing solutions, CRM systems as well as the corporate IT infrastructure (which involves mobile devices, desktops, servers and communications) are the topics that keep IT executives busy. Very rarely are they aware or interested in the needs of the real estate department i.e. development of smart buildings, despite the major opportunities for improvement.
3. ? Facility managers who keep the real estate of major companies functioning have historically looked at buildings individually and have focused more on mechanical functionality. They have less experience with IT and struggle with understanding how networks and other IT systems pertinent to smart building technology, such as data analytics and business process automation, could positively impact real estate operations from a strategic level.
4. ? While energy and sustainability have been at the heart of the green movement, closer examination of the goals of these programs show that technology innovation is not as prevalent. While sustainable building products and green roofs are important, significant opportunities are being overlooked. Smart building technology can play a significant role in ”turning off the lights”, enabling mobile workforces and streamlining facilities, all providing optimum green results.
5. ? Human Resources, who manage the most important component of a corporation, its people, have traditionally focused on HR functions and not spent enough time considering ramifications to the workforce and worksites once all potential innovations are implemented. As the corporation evolves to a more digital model and the workforce becomes more distributed and connected, HR will have to be more involved in writing policy and assisting in comprehensive change management activities.
The biggest underlying reason that corporations have not yet fully taken advantage of technology, automation and innovation as seen in smart buildings, as it pertains to corporate real estate, facilities and the flexible workspace, is the lack of interdepartmental interaction. Previously, each of these specific departments could function somewhat autonomously. However, as technology evolves, the departmental lines of distinction begin to blur and a glimpse of the new corporate ”space” team is beginning to emerge.
The answers to many of the questions raised by this transformational change is discussion, debate and collaboration. The only way this problem gets solved is for professionals from various departments to talk about their changing roles and the impact technology such as smart buildings is having on the entire business process.

Jim Young is the co-founder and CEO of Realcomm, the commercial real estate leader in technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings. For more information on commercial building automation and efficiency, please go to

Hiring Houston Electricians is the Rational Way to Solve Your Electricity Problems

Some would hesitate to contact
professional Houston electricians due to the high cost they represent
and instead would prefer to the services of their local, cheap but
unlicensed electricians. Some people have realized that the only better
solution to solve their electrical problems is to hire the professional
Houston electricians and save themselves a lot of efforts and money in
the end. Honestly, the third option is the best and rational option
amongst the three. Below are the reasons why it is the best and rational
way to solve your electricity problems

Quatity of the Work

us face it, letting the professionals do their work is much better than
doing it yourself. If you only have a broken bulb, then there is no
question about it, you could definitely do it yourself. However,
anything more complicated than that such as a stingy electricity smell,
short circuit plugs for your home and a lot more, should be handled by
the professionals. Electrical issues are complicated matters and they
are a lot of things you need to consider before you could handle the
situation well enough. In fact, calling the professional Houston
electricians doesn’t only guarantee that your problem will be diagnosed
properly but it will be solved excellently as well. It is plain wasting
of energy and effort if you are going to do it when you would still call
the professionals in the end. Thus, it is recommended for anyone who
has electrical problems, not to try to solve the problem yourself but
instead save you the energy and time by letting the professional
electricians solve them. In this way, it is guaranteed that you will
have the quality of the service you required.

Safety of You and Your Family

the professional electricians solve your electrical problems for you
also means that you are doing it for the sake of your safety and your
family. Since professional electricians know what they are doing, they
already know all the necessary things to do to keep any electrical
accidents in the future. Thus, they represent having a risk-free and
electrically-related accident-free way of solving these problems. This
is because, if you hire a cheap but unqualified electrician, there is a
big probability of they might not give the best quality of service and
ended up worsening your electrical problems. Electrical problems, if
remained untreated, could lead to fire. With this, you, your family, and
your property will be put to enormous danger. To avoid leading to this
scenario, have a professional Houston electrician solve your electrical
problems for you instead. With the right person who is capable to solve
your problem, it is guaranteed that you don’t have anything to worry
about and have that peace of mind that you so wanted. Furthermore,
because of all of these reasons, it is safely deducted that contracting
the licensed, bonded, and very capable and trained electrician should be
the best option for anyone who has electrical problems.

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Is There Any Natural Cure For Weakness Due To Over Masturbation?

Over masturbation problems, if left uncontrolled can lead way to several health risks in future life. Do you know the side effects of this embarrassing problem? Let’s see here how to overcome the problems due to over hand practice in detail here. As per research, weakness or fatigue is one of the common side effects reported due to this habit. Today, you can find a good number of cures for treating weakness problems. Before choosing any one of the products from online store, make sure that you choose the best product devoid of harsh chemicals and other preservatives.

Generally, cures for weakness due to over masturbation troubles are suggested after analyzing the problem. Best cure ensures you satisfactory result with minimum risk of side effects. How many of you drink almond milk? This nutritional health drink is found to be very beneficial to cure weakness due to masturbation. It rejuvenates body cells and improves the overall health of body. As per studies, almond milk is found to be as a number one aphrodisiac drink to treat a wide range of health disorders. Important health benefits of drinking almond milk include stimulating energy production, treating spermatorrhoea and curing nightfall. It can be used by people of all age groups and stands as a natural cure to overcome the problems due to weakness.

Have you heard about mucuna pruriens? Mucuna pruriens is one of the best used ingredients for the preparation of herbal products. It is found to be very effective to treat weakness problems due to over masturbation. Today, mucuna pruriens is one of the best recommended herbs to increase the production of HGH hormone. It maintains normal hormone balance in body and promotes the functioning of reproductive organs naturally. Other health advantages of adding mucuna pruriens extract in diet schedule include improving mood stability, enhancing immunity strength and normalizing blood cholesterol level.

At present, withania somnifera extract is one of the widely recommended herbal cures to treat weakness due to over masturbation. It relieves high stress and minimizes the occurrence of weakness due to emotional health disorders. Apart from stress, regular use of withania somnifera is also found to be very beneficial to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Now, let’s see the benefits of including NF Cure capsule in diet. Similar to withania somnifera, NF Cure is one of the best recommended s to treat weakness problems. It acts internally and improves both physical and psychological health of user. Enhancing blood circulation, preventing depression and improving libido are some main benefits of using this herbal cure.

Shilajit, enriched with aphrodisiac property is another best cure to treat weakness due to over masturbation. There is no need to worry about its ingredients. Almost all the ingredients included for the preparation of this herbal product have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of health disorders. Those who wish to receive fast result are advised to intake NF Cure in combination with Shilajit. Important health benefits of using Shilajit include improving strength, relieving stress and balancing hormone levels in body.

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Where Have all the Commercial Lenders Gone?

Do you remember that song from the 1960?s that went something like:? ?Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing??? Oh ? you don?t?? Hmm, maybe I really AM old!? Well, I would update that song for the current decade to something like this:? ?Where have all the lenders gone, no loans funding!?

My walk down memory lane notwithstanding, I am getting a LOT of calls from people telling me that they can?t find commercial financing ANYWHERE.? Even our correspondents are making it harder to get projects financed, with a notable exception.? Our Construction Project Rescue Financing is going like gangbusters ? for the very reason that everyone is calling:? No one else is financing!

Our leaders in Washington have not yet realized that you cannot ?beat? the market.? Or in this case, ?beat it into submission.?? It is too big to be effectively controlled, as the former Soviet Union discovered.? The question remains whether we will be able to afford the education our Congress and President are now getting.

That aside, just WHERE can you get financing for projects right now?? Here is what I see in the market and please use these thoughts as a guide as you contemplate placing your financing requests:

Projects that will be considered seriously:

? Borrowers with good liquidity (10% or more of the loan request),

? Good credit (minimum 680 credit score), and

? Good quality properties (quality tenants with reasonable lease rates), that have minimum two years of stabilized operating history.

Lenders and Loan Programs that are active:

? Government Agency guaranteed or sponsored transactions, including:? SBA 7(a) and 504, HUD construction loans for multifamily projects, Community Reinvestment Act loans, USDA Business and Industry loans, and to a lesser extent, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily loans.

? Life Insurance Companies looking for Class ?A? commercial properties that would have gone to a conduit lender.? $3MM to $50MM loan amounts, top quality projects, good borrowers and strong tenants describe the kind of projects they like.

? Private Funds taking the place of individual private money.? They are buying notes from banks and other troubled institutions.

Other than those areas, it is going to be pretty quiet out there for a while.? There is very little trust among financial institutions and borrowers right now and the contracting economy make new projects harder to justify given what can be purchased in distressed situations.? However, positioning yourself to take advantage of these niches could lead to, dare I say it, personal riches!

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The Simple $10 Debt Elimination Solution

The obvious first step to paying off credit card debt or paying down credit debt load is to cut back or eliminate the use of your credit cards. For some people this first step can often be the most difficult. If you?re used to spending freely with plastic and worrying about the consequences later, it?s difficult to break free from this ?buy now, pay later? attitude.

To gain control of their careless credit card spending habits, some people cut up their credit cards therefore making it impossible to use them. Others lock up their credit cards or hide them in a safe place and vow to use them only in an emergency.

The second step to paying down credit debt is to pay more than the minimum balance due. Most credit card companies require a minimum monthly payment of 2.5% of the outstanding balance. For example, if you have an outstanding balance of $1100.00 on a credit card charging an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 18.9% your minimum monthly payment would be $27.50. It will take you 66 months or 5.5 years to pay off your balance of $1100.00 making the minimum payments. The credit card company will make $676.94 in interest from your use of their credit card.

Monthly payments are purposely kept low by the credit card companies so that they can earn as much as possible from the interest rate charged to you the consumer. Paying just the minimum payment will keep you tangled in credit?s web for years and years to come.

If you?ve been paying only the minimum due month after month, ask yourself this question, ?Do I have an extra $10.00 I could apply to this month?s payment?? I?m sure that most of us could find some way to come up with an extra $10.00 for the month. Try cutting out a few cups of coffee or lunches at your nearby fast food outlets and in no time flat you?ll have saved up the extra money that you need.

Now, it?s time to unveil ?The Simple $10.00 Debt Elimination Solution.? Take that extra $10.00 and add it to the minimum monthly payment above, therefore making a payment of $37.50. By adding just that $10.00 a month to your minimum payment, you?ll trim 23 months or nearly two years off of that credit debt! On top of that you?ll save $277.00 in interest alone! That?s money you can put toward savings or paying off other debts. Imagine how much you?d be able to save if you applied this same simple strategy to each of your other credit card debts!

Paying down credit debt doesn?t always mean having to make huge monthly payments or sacrifices. It just takes some basic planning and a simple effective strategy to make it work.

? 2005, http://www.yourfreecreditreportnow.comAuthor: James H. DimmittJames is editor of ?To Your Credit? a FREE weekly newsletter focusing on managing your personal finances and credit. Subscribe and get a FREE copy of your credit report when you visit:

The new and contemporary styles in interior decoration and designing

The growth of interior decorations and designing trends have brought up the enthusiasm for home-improvements among many people these days. Though it’s good to follow one’s own taste and likings for planning an interior, but sometimes going by the newest trends and consulting an expert can really prove to be worthy. These advices and consultations can give you the understanding of ideas and technologies that you may never have thought about, but which fits your style impeccably.


The trend of going green is quite renowned these days, may it be for commercial projects or residential ones. People are quite eager about choosing environment friendly and healthy designs. Professional designers are continually engineering the trendiest eco-friendly designs keeping in with the modern taste and style and with careful attention to the health of the dwellers.

Natural fabrics have also made a huge popularity in the interior decoration market. It’s seen that these types of materials like bamboo, wicker, hemp and others give a light and airy look to every home along with being earth-friendly that has very less impact on the atmosphere. These materials may not look good in their raw state, but you would be surprised to know the variety of finishes and looks they can have after processing.

Another trend that can really startle all of you is the use of patterns and fabrics inspired by classic suiting and shirting designs. interior designers in Durgapur play with the bold colors like gold, blues and purples. They even come up with elusive prints and twilled fabrics in their decorations. This genre of trend is exceptionally easy and attractive to live with, which lends a sophisticated brink to your living space making you feel warm and cozy as well.

Technology is something which is making a tremendous hype in present time. Many technological advancements and developments have been witnessed in the past few years, which have made way for numerous astounding home design innovations. It is a common idea that technology is generally related to computers, smart phones and other electronic gadgets, but the reality is that they have also created a large impact on the designing of the homes. They can make your home attractive and much more convenient.

Now coming to the paints and textures of your house walls. Painting easily changes the appearance of a living space with very less effort. Either you hire professional interior designers or try it yourself, the correct palate of colors can give a new life to your home with most nominal expenses.

Martin luther has performed a series of interview with the employees of Chhasm Engineering and Construction Co. According to him more and more people are hiring interior designers in Durgapur for their projects. The demand of their work is gradually grabbing the market throughout West Bengal.

How To Get Freedom From The Habit Of Over Masturbation And Its Bad Effects?

From old times, people have considered masturbation as a healthy practice which gives sexual, mental as well as physical satisfaction and releases stress. But sometimes due to hormonal imbalance, its urge increases day by day in form of a habit which is dangerous as recent researches have indicated that if it is done more than twice or thrice a week it results in many bad effects in form of sexual and mental problems which are as follows:

a) Impotency
b) Seminal leakage
c) Premature ejaculation
d) Bent male genital organ
e) Testicular or groin pain
f) Erectile dysfunction
g) Decreased libido in men
h) Low sperm count
i) Night fall, etc.

These problems and the urge of masturbation can be solved by re-balancing the hormonal level in the body which is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. So, medications which are effective on the parasympathetic nervous system and can treat these problems should be taken as a cure. Some of the effective medications are listed below:

1. Shilajit: It is composition of 85 different minerals and some exotic herbs. Its crude form is found in form of secretions from the rocks of Himalayas. It helps in providing important nutrients to the body and hence increasing body’s power naturally. It has many types of health benefits in which increment in male sexual power is the major one. It is sometimes also referred to as Indian Vi-ag-ra. The herbal components act on the parasympathetic nervous system to bring back the normal hormonal balance.

2. NF cure: It is in form of herbal capsules. Its herbal components are known to have very instant effects on the problems like premature ejaculation, night fall, seminal leakage, etc. It also acts on the parasympathetic nervous system to bring back the normal hormonal balance. Some doctors advice to take regular dosage of NF cure with Shilajit to get instant and long lasting effects and get rid of bad effects from the habit over masturbation

3. Mast Mood oil: It is a kind of herbal oil which contains some exotic herbs with astonishing properties. The nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ get damaged due to over masturbation. Mast mood oil is very helpful in curing these damages and helps the male genital organ to come back to healthy state. It is advised to massage this oil on the male genital organ regularly once or twice a day.

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The Best Way to Deal with Tight Timelines and and Big Challenge

When you watch the end of close sporting events you will eventually see two types of teams or players.? One type, when behind, will start to press a little bit.? They know they have a limited amount of time to reach their goal and they get stressed and their sense of urgency drives them to accelerate their efforts, scurry, and eventually rush. This hurried approach can sometimes lead to the desired results but more often creates errors and costly mistakes.?? Often these are errors and mistakes that wouldn?t occur under normal situations.

The other group, facing the same urgency and pressure, seems to look and act differently.? They know the urgency, but they act as if this additional pressure actually makes them better ? more confident and efficient.? This second group typically performs better in this pressure packed situation and makes fewer errors in actions or judgment, and more often than not, wins the game.

The difference between these two groups isn?t their skills or abilities.? The difference between these groups is best described by the legendary basketball coach John Wooden.? He encouraged his teams to ?be quick but don?t hurry.?? The first group is hurrying ? the second, more successful, group is quick ? but facing the same situations they seem more calm and not hurrying at all.

This difference is as apparent in work groups as it is in sports teams once you take the time to consider these differences.? Some people or teams are always rushing from meeting to meeting, task to task.? These people are constantly reacting to situations and ?putting out fires.?? Many of these people will say that they like the adrenalin rush they get from this high pace high stress environment ? which is good because in their haste they continue to create more fires, more reaction, and more reason to hurry.

Contrast those with people who always seem to have their wits about them.? They are able to make decisions and take action quickly, but they never seem to get rattled or seem rushed.? This second group seems to operate with a quiet, confident calm, even when timelines are tight and stakes are high.? These people are nimble and quick, but they aren?t hurried or rushed.

As you read these descriptions I?m sure you are thinking that the later group is the more productive and effective, and you are right.? The logical question then is, what can I do (or what can I do in leading others) to be quick, but not to hurry?? Read on ? the rest of this article gives you suggestions for making that shift.

The Suggestions

Be prepared.? Teams that are most effective in ?crunch time? have practiced every situation long before the game. Similarly when you are better prepared you will be ready for whatever situation you are presented with, and therefore will be able to manage it more effectively.

Have a plan.? People who don?t plan argue that things never work out according to the plan ? which is partly true.? The value of the plan is that when things are going according to the plan, you can be proactive and stay ahead of the challenges and avoid many of the pitfalls.? That planning then saves your heightened attention and effort for the parts of the plan that do change.

Focus ? stop multi-tasking. Have you been daunted by the enormity of a project or task?? When we think about everything we have to do, we often begin to hurry, rush or try to multitask.? You will be more productive when you focus on one task at a time.? A basketball team down by 20 points can only come back 2 or 3 points at a time.? A soccer or hockey team can only score one goal at a time.? As you complete one task and then move to the next, and you will be making more progress faster.

Think confidently.? Be confident in your abilities!? Remind yourself of past successes!? (Here?s a hint – when you have a plan and are well prepared it is easier to be confident.)? Confidence is an under-valued skill off the court and playing field.? When you think confidently you are taking the necessary first step towards acting with confidence.

Stay inside your sphere of influence.? Remember that you can?t change the world (or the other members of the project team for that matter).? Focus on what you can impact.? Stay inside yourself and proactively work on things that you have the ability to impact or change.

Remain positive.? A positive attitude, approach and demeanor can make a big difference.? When you really feel rushed, you probably aren?t your most positive self.? But when you feel on top of things, even if you are busy, you are more likely to be positive.? Knowing this is true, you can create more positive actions by starting with more positive thoughts.

Take a deep breath.? This piece of advice, given to me often by my grandfather and father is some of the best advice I?ve ever received, and it certainly applies in this case.? Take a deep breath, refocus and move forward positively, confidently and quickly – without hurrying.

All of the suggestions above are powerful ways to improve your performance.? Now that you have read the list, identify the one or two that seem most valuable or applicable to you or your team.? Apply those suggestions and your performance will improve immediately and significantly.

Kevin Eikenberry is a leadership expert and the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a learning consulting company that helps Clients reach their potential through a variety of training, consulting and speaking services. To receive your free special report on Unleashing Your Potential go to or call us at (317) 387-1424 or 888.LEARNER.

Good Things to Reduce Body Heat for the Runners

Try to wear light. Even if you wear round brought short sleeves, it will cover nearly 40% of your body. You’d better dress in light color to reflect the sunshine.

If possible, you can use water (the cooler, the better) to sprinkle the body to help strengthen your sweat function. During the warm days, I would like run along the river Kenaz. As long as hot occurs to me, I stop running, jump into the river, and dip myself in the river (but you are not suggested to drink the water in the river). During the competition, if you are given some water beyond your need, you can drink as much as possible, then for the rest water, sprinkle it onto your body. (According to the Dr Clark, who works in the national medical institute in London, when people are running, the temperature of all the parts of the body tends to increase, and the thigh increases the most. Do like this, immediately, you will feel a higher level of running ability, though some runners tend to have bubbles on the wet feet.
Spend time as little as you can in warming up. We have indicated before that the limbering-up activities would increase the extra body heat which is of course beyond your need. (By the way, according to the report of the Western Kentucky University, the long hair, even extending to the shoulder, won’t affect the ability of the athletes to resist the heat or the ability to recover after heated.

We have delivered to the participants in the Boston Marathon a concise and comprehensive report including the above advices. We can see these words from this article. Its title is the medical facts you should know. Here is an excerpt: about the hot problem: when in conditions like this, hot, humid, or both hot and humid, people tend to be in a situation of water loss and salt loss, and the body temperature would rise to the dangerous extent. In fact, we can take some measures to prevent these problems, for instance, insist training under warm climate for a week, on the beginning day for the game, the runners should have breakfast before AM.10 (the Boston Marathon game usually starts at noon), and some salt can be added to the breakfast or, one or two cup of very salty broth can be drank. (Don’t take salt when you begin to race, this will make you feel ill). In the course of the game, every time passing by a site supplying water and food, you’d better have two or three ounces of water. It is too late for you to drink when you feel thirsty.

Actually, heat doesn’t make everyone obsessed. Seeming to have some unique ability to protect themselves form heat, even when it is midsummer, some people still can run very well, while for other runners, they would slow their running steps at the very start of hot days.

Generally, one’s bulk decides his or her ability to resist heat. In the hot days, there is no advantage for a person with a big weight, because such people have less skin surface area to eliminate heat. What’s worse, hot would be stooped inside by Fat. But people show different ability of running in hot weather, and we often find it incredible, because the differences are too obvious; Maybe the best explanation is that we each person are not exactly the same.
We can’t treat humidity as a problem. As a matter of fact, only when it is hot, and humidity makes it more difficult for the runners to run, humidity can be thought as a problem. When the relative humidity reaches to one hundred percent, and if there is no wind, then the sweat is unlikely to evaporate. In this case, the heat is beyond your ability to resist it, and this is harmful to you. You can apply a wet bubble thermometer to judge to what degree the problems aroused by humidity have reached. If the temperature is more than seventy degrees, then the game will be difficult for the runner to continue. Even for the lightest sports, when it comes up to eighty degrees, it is almost beyond your limit.
He is a trend merchandising graduate and loves to purchase Nike Free Run 2. The writer believes Adidas Jeremy Scott 2.0 is one of the most fashionable leisure shoes.

By Anonymous

Online Gaming Society

If we look back in olden days the game was started with carom board, chess,
card games or any kind of outdoor games. Online gaming has gained massive
popularity in the recent years as they can play game at their home comforts but
also from the cafes and techies from their office. Its gives the flexibility to
decide to where to play, when to play, what to play and with whom to play. The
best part is that you don’t have to download games on you computer as they are
fee to play. With the time, video games came as a from of digital games.

In these worlds of Internet, the game found a new medium and online
gaming come into existence. In this fast world of Internet the gaming companies
are looking for the online game lover all over the world and, providing them
out-of-box gaming experience. There are many multi player games which are more
interesting and exiting. The latest trend in multi player is community gaming.
These more like making social networking.

The On-Line Games can be
classified in six category based on the survey have done by the market. The six
categories according to segment, namely as occasional gamers, incidental gamers,
leisure gamers, dormant gamers, social gamers and power gamers. Online games are
one of the best ways to relieve the tired mind from daily hectic schedule. These
games are so thrilling and exiting that you get involved within few minutes.
There numbers of games available to plat on line Some of which includes chess,
cricket, developed with the help of mini clip.

These games are said to
have best graphics. These games come with best features and provides user
friendly environment to have full enjoyment of the game. One of the example of
such game is bubble trouble. This game is so simple with beautiful graphic in
the background that you would feel like playing the game again and again and
hours goes like that. The online games make it worse for the addition towards
then while making them free. Anything for free and if you play everyday no dough
you will be addicted towards that game. There are games on line which are not
addictive as they are interesting and you may not feel like playing it.

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