Safed Musli Benefits and Multiple Uses for Health and Vitality

At present, Safed Musli medicinal herb can be described as a common ingredient used for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. This natural aphrodisiac is completely safe and induces zero side effects on user. It is commonly known in the names of safed musli, dholi musli, swetha musli and shedhaveli. It can be chosen as a safe alternative to viagra. This medicinal herb is commonly found in central zones of India. It is sweet to taste and well known for amazing cooling property. It is a perfect composition of alkaloids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, steroids and polysaccharides. This health giving tonic is well known as a sex vitalizer.

Curing respiratory disorders is one among the effective health benefits of using musli. Consuming root extracts as per the guidance of a physician helps in reducing the risks of respiratory disorders. Health benefit of safed musli in pregnant women is really notable. It acts as a nutritive tonic for both mother and fetus. This medicinal herb also helps in replenishing body fluids during post partum stage. It is considered as an excellent nutritive tonic for lactating mothers. Including musli extract in diet helps in improving the quantity of milk in feeding mothers.?

Regular intake of musli is a perfect cure for controlling and preventing obesity. Daily consumption of musli extract as per the guidance of physician stimulates the functioning of anti oxidant enzymes and prevents free radical mechanism. It is a perfect choice for body builders those who wish to increase their muscle mass and power. It rejuvenates body cells and boosts energy and stamina of person. It is a commonly prescribed remedy for those people suffering from leucorrhoea and premature ejaculation problems. Increasing desire, promoting multiple orgasms, assisting to last longer in bed, strengthening immune system and improving erection are other health benefits of safed musli.?

Safed musli is a popular aphrodisiac agent for enhancing male potency. Today, extracts of safed musli is one among the commonly prescribed herbal remedies for low sperm count condition. Musli Strong capsule is a powerful herbal supplement with highest grade safed musli extract. It can be effectively used for curing various health problems. It is a premium quality herbal product manufactured under GMP certified production facilities. Musli Strong capsule can be used for long term to improve overall health and wellbeing. Taking one capsule of Musli Strong two times a day with milk or water will boost your immunity, strengthen your organs and increase energy level.

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When Should You Replace Current ERP Software

An organization implements an Enterprise Resource Planning system after investing a lot of efforts, time and money. ERP brings about a lot of changes in the workings of the organization and it takes time and training to switch to the new system. So why do organization replace their current system and when should organization replace their current ERP software? This takes place when there is scope of improvement and a chance of an improved Return on Investment or ROI. There can be various causes which lead an organization to replace their current ERP software such as better software quality, upgrades, easier management, new acquisitions, etc.?

Some of the reasons for the replacement are as follows:

1. Problems with present ERP system: The organization may be facing problems with the current Enterprise Resource Planning system due to unsuitability. The system may not be suitable to the business environment causing difficulty in the business processes. This may increase with time and it may be time the organization replace their current ERP software.

2. No support: Some ERP software do not support implementation of other software applications that are useful for the organization. This may be of disadvantage for the business making the organization replace their current ERP software.

3. Acquisitions: Organizations are acquiring smaller companies and competing in the market. If new acquisitions have been made, there can be change in the business environment due to change in strategies. This may lead to a replacement of the current ERP system.

4. Management issues: The current system may be getting difficult to manage. It may be very time consuming and involving a lot of money.

5. Old features: The current system may not have the new features and technical advancement. The organization may want to be up to date in the market and not stuck with old features. It may want to switch to a new ERP system to include the latest technologies to improve its business and have a competitive edge. This could be a reason when organization should replace their current ERP software.

6. New Requirements: As an organization expands, it may have new business requirements which are not taken care of the current ERP system. The organization may look at expansion too which demands new requirements and latest technologies.?

These could be the reasons when organization replaces their current ERP software. The implementation may start with lot of anticipation but not give the desired results. The replacement decision usually comes from the deficiencies in the current system which results in dissatisfaction. The ERP system may be providing lot of data but not the apt information which the organization needs. It may not match the current business processes creating gaps. The underlying infrastructure may no longer be supported by the concerned vendors or keep up with the changes. All these reasons may indicate that the organization has outgrown the current ERP software and it is time that the organization replaces their current ERP software to improve their business processes and keep up with the times.

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Lunch boxes – a way to keep food warm and yummy!

A home cooked
meal contains all those qualities that canteen food does not. Mainly in the
hygiene department, the food available in canteens lack the cleanliness
quotient as a result of which home cooked meals are a better option. Since
childhood, the lunch
have formed an integral part of growing up. Animated plastic
containers, filled with delicious goodies were always an excuse for kids to
round up and share the little goodies. As one grows up, this habit sticks on
and during office hours individuals prefer a freshly cooked meal without having
the tension of its hygiene component. These boxes come in plastic as well as
steel textures as per the preference of the customer. The main characteristic
is the air tight feature that will keep the food fresh. Retention of the warmth
and freshness should be the prime characteristics of these boxes. The diverse range
of boxes is available in the market depending on the customer?s choice of size
and shape.

Tiffin box is
another way of referring to a lunch container. Caterers use these boxes to
transport the food from the cooking place to the destination where the food
needs to be served. These boxes prevent humidity from spoiling the freshness of
the food and helps maintain its warmth and freshness. Nowadays, stylish, eco
friendly boxes are available to appeal to people on a wider scale. The exterior
should be as whimsical as possible for the young kids to enjoy while the adults
require a more edgy and suave look. The interesting moulds and structures make
it very attractive in the eyes of the consumer. The simple container can be
moulded into various shapes and designs, is something that implies the level of
innovation and creativity put in by the manufacturer. When the looks and
features balance the product, then the user finds it easier to be drawn towards

Lunch boxes
have been a part of academic life and it has continued and has consolidated its
prominence even in the life of a working individual. There are Tiffin services
that provide office goers a light homely meal that is hygienic and cooked in
minimal spices or fatty substances. The tiffin
utilised by these caterers are mainly manufactured from steel as steel
is resistant to humidity and ensures that the food is fresh at all times. The
essence of a home cooked meal has no comparison in terms of taste and
cleanliness. These boxes have become a trend as maximum people find it
economical to enjoy a home cooked meal as compared to wasting money on food
items available in stalls. In India, the trend of cooking food at home and
packing it in Tiffin?s is very eminent. These boxes really work as they are
portable and can be carried on picnics, field trips and places where food scarcity
can be an issue. Days
and tastes change but certain ways of life just remain the same no matter what
for instance carrying a lunch box to office.

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How To Save Money With Phone System Features?

Businesses have the desire and the need for modern telephone system with all its sophisticated features though affordability is their prime concern.? But with the right type of system and the right selection of features, businesses can actually save money on their telephone systems.

Business houses must determine the purpose of the telephone system before venturing out to buy one. They should also decide on the features that they would find useful for their business. It is prudent to seek necessary guidance from the service provider to understand the features and their utility.

If you have bought a feature but not using it, then you should surrender that feature and not needlessly keep paying for it.? You can create a lot of savings by analyzing the features of your business telephone system.

One positive way of saving money is by opting for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system. VoIP allows you to make and receive calls over a broadband internet connection. This way, you can enjoy many features similar to traditional business phone systems at a much cheaper rate.

VoIP system offers you a wide range of features that includes call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and voice mail. If you are using a traditional system, you might have to pay an additional fee for some of these features.

You can also save on the cost of equipment. If you only need a basic system, all you need is a computer, a microphone, a good pair of headset and an optional webcam.

As your VoIP system is based on the Internet, you can make an unlimited number of calls to any part of the world for a fixed price. You will particularly save huge sums of money from long distance calls.

Basic packages with standard features are adequate for start-ups and small businesses. There are packages easy for you to install after purchase. You also do not require qualified technicians to operate them. Most modern telephone systems are scalable and your provider will immediately expand the system as and when you need them.

Make sure to ask for discounts, promos and freebies with your package as the providers will readily agree as there is fierce competition in the market. Select your plan carefully so that you get the best value for your money.

Some features like speed dial, call forwarding, call transfer, automated attendant, voicemail etc can go a long way in increasing your employee efficiency and overall business productivity.

Communication is critical to any business but it is also one of the major expenses for a business house.? The one simple answer to this seemingly complex question is to opt for hosted telephone systems. Having hosted phone systems will give the business house a professional image.

Hosted phone systems will allow a business to make huge savings on costs. It will also give a secure network whenever the system fails or the Internet connection is lost- offering callers a backup service instead.

You can also avail a cloud phone system that would provide all the features of a large corporate system while saving you money at the same time. You can have many locations and multiple field workers and they cal all enjoy the advantages and features that are available with a cloud phone system at incredibly low costs.

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The advantages of Progress Photography for large construction projects.

Progress Photography can provide a valuable tool to clients as a way of providing visual evidence to stakeholders during presentations or within reports on the current status of a project within which they have an interest.

The size and speed at which the construction work is taking place will usually dictate the time intervals of the Aerial Photography and this may vary from monthly intervals to 6 monthly intervals.

The most common form of progress photography is Oblique Aerial Photography. This is for a number of reasons; it is often cheaper than vertical photography and also illustrates the vertical extent of building/construction work which would not be evident form Vertical Photography.

Due to the time sensitivity of this form of Construction Photography and the need to illustrate the vertical extent of building work satellite imagery is not appropriate and does not compete with the commercial aerial photography companies.

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Food Safety | Seeking a Perfect Picnic? Don?t Forget Food Safety

BY ELIZABETH SOMER Ahh, summer?picnics and barbecues on the horizon. But before your next al fresco adventure, take steps to make sure germs aren?t on the menu.?Bacteria in food kept between the temperatures of 60 and 120 degrees can double within an hour, so keeping food at the right temperature is a must during the summer months,? says Susan Moores, M.Sci., R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.To stay problem-free:
Time it right. ?Foods can sit out for up to two hours?one hour if the outside temp is above 80 degrees. Keep an eye on the clock once foods leave the cooler or grill,? says Moores. Once time is up, store food at 40 degrees or less?or toss.
Freeze goodies ahead of time. Frozen drinks, buns and other icy items help chill the cooler.
Cook it well. Grill meats to an internal temperature of 160?F. Hamburgers should be cooked through; hot dogs should be steaming hot. Cook chicken until juices run clear, meat is no longer pink.
Avoid blackened or charred barbecued meats. They contain carcinogens. ?Keep meats from touching flames by placing items on the grill once coals start glowing?after the flames have died down. This reduces the chance that meats will char,? says Moores.
Bring alcohol wipes. ?Wash up before touching foods, or cooking and eating,? Moores says.
Refrigerate leftovers in shallow containers. That way, they?ll cool fast; slow cooling gives bacteria more time to grow. C& FertilityLow levels of vitamin C have been linked to infertility in men, according to a study from the University of Rochester Medical Center in upstate New York. Researchers found that men with low levels of C were more likely to have damaged genetic material in their sperm than men with normal or high C levels. Another study reports men who smoke are more likely to have lower levels of C in their semen and to be infertile. Smoking also reduces sperm count, motility and shape. Advice for men: Eat fruits rich in vitamin C?and if you smoke, quit.Any Fiber Will DoA fiber-rich diet lowers blood pressure whether the fiber is insoluble (for example, whole wheat and brown rice) or soluble (barley), according to a study from the USDA?s Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland. The researchers concluded that ?increasing [intake of] whole grain foods, whether high in soluble or insoluble fiber, can reduce blood pressure and may help to control weight.?Writer: Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.About the AuthorElizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., author of 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman?s Diet and Age-Proof Your Body, is editor in chief of Nutrition Alert, a newsletter that summarizes nutrition research. She also appears on national television shows, including NBC?s Today.?MediZine’s Healthy Living, Second Quarter 2007


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The Wonders of Vinyl Siding

Summer projects are about to be in full swing. And, if you are like most
American homeowners then you have a list of projects that are already
started or are in need of a jump start. Looking around at your house you
may think about what will make the biggest impact with the least amount
of hassle or work. Most of the time people tend to think about their
house ?s siding when it comes to home projects. Painting the house is
usually high on the list and is an enormous undertaking. Vinyl siding
can be a great choice for anyone looking to make an update or
improvement to their home without all the hassle.

Homeowners want to make several things happen when they are making
improvements on their home. First, they want to make repairs and also
make the work to emphasize the beauty of their home. There are so many
aspects, big and small that will give your home a little added curb
appeal. The exterior cladding is one such aspect of that will definitely
call attention to your home.

If your home?s siding is in poor condition, then all of the attention
you are getting is not very positive. Peeling paint or rotten wood
siding can make your home look uninviting, and that is not what you
want. But, if you are considering new paint or new siding you may want
to think about the many advantages of vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding has been around for decades. It is a very good product,
with many advantages and benefits. Generally, this type of exterior
cladding has a lifetime warranty. And, the cost can be very affordable,
considering it will last for a lifetime. For years, homeowners have been
applying this type of exterior cladding to their home for good reasons.

One of those reasons is that you will virtually never have to paint this
type of exterior as it does not peel the way that paint on traditional
wood cladding does. What will this mean for you? Well, that means no
more summers spent with scraping the old paint from the house, then
applying primer and paint to the existing siding.

Another feature homeowners can expect are a range of color options,
styles and textures to choose from. So that means you can have the color
that suits your home with the style too. Typically, a lap siding is the
style that is most often seen with vinyl siding, but there are others
to choose from as well, including shingles and even vinyl log cabin.
And, with so many different textures, such as a sanded to a deep wood
grain there is something to compliment any design.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to choose the color and style and have
it installed by the same company. This makes for swift and easy
installation. Siding companies have so much experience with the product
from performance to installation. This makes it a natural choice for
homeowners looking to get a house project accomplished this summer.

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vinyl siding
company can introduce you to the benefits of your
new exterior. To keep your home protected and looking good visit:

Bad Oil Change After-Effects

Where do you go?

Having routine oil changes is a necessary part of owning a vehicle. While car companies will generally recommend drivers take their cars into certified dealers for maintenance, not everyone has the time or money to make it happen on a regular basis. Dealerships will often take hours to complete the job. In contrast, quick lube shops can have the job completed in as little as a half hour. Though, not all quick lube shops are created equal, and getting a bad oil change can hinder the functionality and operation of your vehicle. Poor maintenance work can serve in costing your thousands of dollars over time. In rare instances, poor maintenance work can damage vehicle parts in such a way that the vehicle is rendered stationary.?


Poor maintenance can result in a wide array of issues, depending on what happens during the work being performed. If a pan plug is not screwed on properly or is forgotten, the oil will drain out of the engine. If this issue is not dealt with in a timely manner and all of the fluid runs out, the vehicle?s engine may be permanently damaged. Spills that occur during maintenance work can result in damaged parts. In many cases, a mechanic may accidentally spill on the manifold or other engine parts. In cases where the fluids come into contact with the manifold, a burning smell will become apparent for a few days following the maintenance appointment. Other engine parts may become seriously damaged from spills. If a part such as a timing belt is hit with hot oil, it can break; costing the vehicle owner a large sum of money.?


In most cases, the best way to avoid poor oil changes is to bite the bullet and take the vehicle into a certified dealership. This will ensure that the work is performed properly and the correct parts are used. If you are unable to find the time or money to do this, then be sure to take the time to educate yourself about quality services in your area. Take a look at local shops and make sure there are no complaints from previous customers regarding their workmanship and service. Find out whether any warranty or guarantee is made of the work performed at the shop. If no guarantee is offered, you may want to take a look at other shops in the area.?

Get in touch with friends and family member to see how they maintain their vehicles. Some may do it themselves and be able to help you with some DIY maintenance projects. Others may know of a reputable shop that they can recommend. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to find a variety of services, and this instance is far from exception. With a little time, research and drive, you can be sure that you?re receiving the best bang for your vehicle maintenance buck.?

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You Can Love Your Face Again ? Exercise It

Let me set the scene:? Looking in the mirror can either be a painful experience if you are dissatisfied with your slightly misshapen, droopy face or it can be a joy as you witness subtle changes occurring daily when you choose exercise over doing nothing ? or doing something radical that you might regret later.?

Just as our arms, legs and torso appreciate exercise your face will look younger, toned, lifted and radiant when you incorporate a specialized exercise routine into your day.??

The media and the medical community have long touted many types of surgery to lift wayward facial skin and muscles. Injections for plumping and paralyzing are frequently used on the areas of your face that wrinkle, droop and sag plus laser treatments and chemical peels are often added. Laser beams can scorch and burn the skin and coupled with the effects of deep chemical peels, you might find yourself wearing a shiny, plastic finish to your features.

Spending a fortune has never been easier.???

Cindy Jackson is one of those gals who have endured five facelifts, cheek implants, two nose jobs, a painful jaw reshaping and numerous injections. In all she has had 52 plastic surgeries over twenty years, she?s spent over $100,000 and she?s not done yet. She just loves plastic surgery and artificial enhancements. She obviously has the means to pay for surgery; she doesn?t seem to mind the recuperative time or the fact that she may risk infection and botched results. ?Cindy Jackson is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most cosmetic procedures and she offers good advice for those contemplating a surgical procedure:? Stay away from the mini-lifts because they will have to be repeated in six months or so and take the time to meet with three surgeons before deciding to undergo the knife.?

So where does this leave the rest of us?? Facial plastic surgery is scary stuff and it has many risks, plus it presents an enigma ? here you pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a procedure that has no satisfaction guarantee and you most likely will have to repeat certain procedures because the effects of gravity and atrophy will continue to bombard your facial features. This means more money spent and more risk is taken; and for what?? Temporary results.?

There is a better way with proven results and there is no cutting. Facial exercise that uses isometric contraction with resistance will produce a younger looking face. If you want to look five, ten, even fifteen years younger, then you will love knowing that facial exercise can change the shape and contour of your facial features.? This means that your droopy eye brows and eye lids reposition, your cheeks stop sliding downward, the jowls and pouches dissipate, your jaw line refines and looks defined, the double chin is lessened and crow?s feet lift.

Exercise works for the body and facial exercise works for your face but not just any facial exercise program will produce the results described above. In fact, there are many imposters that claim that twists, puckers and contortions are facial exercise. They?re exercises all right but they have no power to reshape or reposition the muscles and they just might increase the likelihood of wrinkles because repetitive motions and movements like twists, puckers and contortions do indeed wrinkle the skin and facial features during the execution of the exercise.?

Resistance training using the thumbs and fingers to anchor the muscles produce the greatest results.?

Here?s why:? muscles in the face attach to bone only on one end and the other end of the muscle attaches into either another muscle or into the skin. Without anchoring and resistance reshaping and repositioning the muscles cannot be achieved. The thumbs and fingers must first isolate, then anchor the tiny facial muscles. Then by holding the muscle or muscle group the contraction is executed which shortens, tightens and lifts the exercised muscle.?

The facial skin is attached directly to the muscles so when the muscle begin to rehabilitate, the skin begins to thicken as nourishing, oxygenated blood is forced to all parts of the face and neck. After just a few weeks of facial exercise your face, neck and skin will look fresher and younger. The results will last longer and longer as you incorporate the exercises into your daily routine. Once you have developed the desired results you can then relax and perform the exercise routine only two or three times per week to maintain your new look.?

Exercise is safe and it is effective. You can look younger naturally without surgery, drugs or anything harmful or hurtful.? Sagging facial muscles respond quickly to the movements and soon you will love your newly restored youthful face and your confidence level will soar.

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness.? Cynthia is co-host of The Ageless Sisters on and author of The Magic of Facial Exercise.?You may learn more about her anti-aging techniques at and she welcomes your subscription to her FREE content rich newsletter at

The Best Way To Use Autoresponders For Networking And Prospecting

If you are a network marketer, you will need an autoresponder even more than the average business owner. You might not think that you do, but today you’re about to learn the brutal truth about the importance of using auto responders as network marketing and prospecting tools. The reason this is so true, is because as a business owner, you will have to follow up with all of your network marketing prospects at least 5 to 7 times before you even start to get their attention. The decision to buy or join an opportunity is influenced by the personal relationship that you develop with prospects.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the best tips I know that will help you close hot network marketers that are on the fence. Please understand, that you will be learning from someone who has made over a 1/2 million in network marketing over the years. Yes, I also know that there are people out there who have made a lot more than that. But my point is, that I’ve made arguably more than my fair share, so I have a lot to teach you in my humble opinion.

The first thing you need to do, is make sure that all of your follow-ups relate to each other in topic. What I mean by this, is that you need to make sure that follow-up #1 talks about what follow-up #2 will end up saying. Follow-up #2 shouldn’t briefly mention at the end of the follow-up what follow-up #3 will be about. What I’m trying to say here, is that every follow-up should lead to another similar type of follow-up. In order to do this, you need a follow-up autoresponder that will allow you to send unlimited messages.

The next tip, is to create your follow-ups in text format if you are a network marketer. Yes, certain industries like retail stores would benefit more from HTML messages, because they need the messages to look fancy and glitzy. However, as a network marketer, your only objective is to relay solid and understandable information to your prospect. Also, make sure that each line doesn’t extend out any more than 60 characters. If you do, many recipients will have to scroll to the right just to read your message. In my opinion, that looks very tacky and unprofessional.

Another big mistake I see network marketers make while they’re trying to use an autoresponder, is that they don’t structure their outbound links properly. You should either say click here so the recipient understands that they need to click the link in the e-mail, or enter the entire URL, and make that URL clickable. These are very simple things in theory, but most people don’t do it and it will hurt your e-mail follow-up campaigns. Another thing most people don’t do, is hit the enter button about 20 times after they type in their message. By doing this, you push your unsubscribe link way down, so people will really have to look for your unsubscribe link to get off your list.

Yes, you always want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to get off your e-mail list, but of course you always need to stay legal in the process. Some of the most successful e-mail campaigns I’ve written, follow-up with each lead about every three days. However, I always like to focus on trying to get that lead to take a very specific action. One of the most common actions I’ll try to get them to take, is to get them on a free webinar or get them to fill out a form. We use Aweber Autoresponder’s, and these allow us to make custom web forms as well as just capture e-mail leads.

Some of the best advice that I can give an up-and-coming network marketer, is to use an autoresponder service that is evergreen, only allows double opt-in and that stores leads on their server and not yours. The reason this is so paramount, is because leads you store on your own server can vanish forever, or incur a back-up screw-up by an irresponsible hosting service. Please understand, that even responsible hosting services make honest mistakes.

Another trick when using auto-responders for prospecting, is to go after a very specific group of people. What I’m saying here, is go after almost a tribe like group. For example, let’s say you are in a company that sells products that can be used at fitness clubs. You might want to set up a landing page that caters to personal trainers or owners of fitness clubs, offering them a series of free reports for subscribing to your newsletter. This is commonly done by offering a seven report series of some sort. Just don’t get overzealous, and offer too much free information. Just give them enough so they can start wagging their tail, and force them to contact you for everything else.

Let Brian Garvin teach you everything you need to know about how to use Autoresponders For Network Marketing And Prospecting.